Misery zero (12345)

This morning I played some mystery hero, and I had multiple games in row on defense where our starting lineup had no tank and no healer. The opposing team had balanced starting comp, so they relatively easily capped the initial point.

By the time we got a couple of healers, they would get 3 flankers to easily dispatch those (we didn’t have good anti-flanker at that point).

Eventually we would get tanks, without shield, so as you can guess the enemy would have a sniper.

It would be good if the “random hero selection” was made to be slightly less random (e.g. if there’s 0 of one category, double the odds of getting that, if there’s one, maybe 1.5x the odds of getting the under represented category).

Also for the starting comp, make sure there’s at least one of each category.

I think that will make mystery hero more balanced and therefore more fun to play.

The entire point of the gamemode is that it’s random. If you don’t like randomness play domething else.


I remember a post a while back saying that they considered balancing it, but that they liked the randomness and mayhem of arcade modes

Posted on march 2 ,I was really hoping they’d follow along with it ,but I guess not.

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pretty much why i never play mystery heroes. the rng is so broken its not funny. the thing that irritates me the most right now is that there are no good arcade modes to grind loot in. at least make the big button comp a smaller one and include other game modes that change daily … with 40 million accounts, there shouldnt be a problem filling them …

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It’s the less worse mode available to earn box right now… so I don’t have much options.

I do like some randomness, but I am getting tired of how imbalanced it can get. Just after I played I had an other game with no starting tank… we actually won the first round, but once they got their double healer, orisa +bastion.

I just had an other game where they started with rein, some healers, couple of hanzo, I was ana no shield tank, the hanzo of course would focus me. When I eventually died I got doom and kill both of their shield tank and a healer… still they spawn the rein back, we never got a shield tank the whole game.

Then next game is junkertown on atk, the defender got 4 sym… I managed to kill a bunch of turrets, but my team didn’t seem to know how to deal with it, none of the shield tank would put the tank outside so hard to get to turrets. Eventually I got sym myself and used TP to get out and kill some of them (also encouraging my team to follow in the TP.

Of course sometimes it’s a teammate thing… I just got gold heals (as well as kills and damage) in a more balanced game, I didn’t get to play healer, only got the gold heal through my use of roadhog…

this would all be so less frustrating if you didn’t need to win games to get lootboxes. There are times when I will just string one loss after another with no chance because of the idiot comps. I’m not having fun with it because I want to win the games- otherwise I could just play quickplay.

they could just make it so even playing the crappy mode would give credits towards them, maybe at half the rate.

I agree its one sided sometimes but that’s the mode.

Had a game yesterday where the enemy was quin-tank (double orisa, double dva, winston) and moria and it was a stomp but then the next game we got PharMercy and dominated.

You win some, you lose some.

People who complain about long losing streaks need to learn how to take a break. Even just sitting in the menu for 5 minutes before the next game can help you calm down a bit (and put you in a game with different players) fully recommend you try it next time you lose a bunch of games in a row.

Got a 4 brig team this week, the other team never had a chance. That was followed by a team where all we were mostly snipers… just before the time ran out, we got a decent comp and pushed almost all the way, but that initial lost of time kindda bite us.