Mystery Heroes - no duplicates

I love mystery heroes. I love how it forces people to play heroes they wouldnt otherwise. It forces people onto heroes that arent their mains. I think this is why it’s one of Arcades mainstays.

The main frustration I find is the duplicate heroes on each team. The biggest problems I find are 2x zarya/moira/brig/hog etc. Even things like payload maps when there are 2x torbs sitting on payload. The problem being duplicate heroes that feed off each other.

Would it be possible to make it so there are no duplicates on each team?


Sure, it’s possible, but not everybody would enjoy that. Personally I don’t want the pool of heroes I could potentially respawn as following a death to be reduced by 5. The draw of the game mode is that one could respawn as anybody. 1HL means there are 5 heroes you can’t potentially respawn as, and if any of your teammates playing those 5 heroes don’t die all match, then that’s a hero you’ll never have the possibility of playing that match. No thanks.


MH needs hero limits, full stop.

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Yes, absolutely. Jeff Kaplan actually discussed before how they have discussed setting rules for Mystery Heroes:

It seems like he’s in favor, which makes it really disappointing that this hasn’t been addressed in so many months. He mentions that some people argue how the broken comps are part of the fun, but somehow they don’t understand how it can be completely miserable for the team playing against the broken comps.

In my opinion, Mystery Heroes should disallow hero stacking, as well as carry over some amount of ultimate charge after death. (Before anyone makes the “die as Tracer with Pulse respawn as Zarya with Graviton”, I don’t mean a 1:1 transfer of percentage. I would like to see a transfer of the hidden “points” earned towards an ultimate, or even a transfer of 50% of points earned)

I really hope this is still being considered, but seeing how many months have passed since this has last been mentioned, and how out of sync the developers seem with community lately it doesn’t seem likely.

Maybe one week try no dups and the next try dups, then the community would have an experience on both side of the argument?

I would be happy if the system would at least ensure a team will have at any given moment one of each class (DPS, Tank, Support).

Usually the steam roll happens when you have too much of one class and is deviod of any of the other in your team.

While I’m on board with the hero stacking thing (lord knows I’m in every MH thread…unfortunately I don’t think the ensure you have a healer thing would work…for this very simple reason:

If you’re THE healer and you die…well then the game needs to replace the healer…so…you have to respawn as a healer…obviously you might have other heals so that situation wont always be the case but it kinda removes the randomness if you’re just doing one thing the whole time…

(maybe you think it’s ok to just be different healers for an entire round…which honestly I could kinda see…)

But if I had to rate the 2…the hero stacking presents bigger challenge to the game mode than not having a tank and healer…

Not to mention Jeff is on record saying he hates no limits…WHY then is it in mystery heroes where you can’t even adjust to it…it makes no sense to me

Good point but they could always make sure the next teammate that dies gets the class the team currently doesn’t have.

At least the rotation will be shorter instead of going on minutes without a healer or tank even when we are dying.

But maybe the addition of more heroes can fix this down the line. Maybe.