Request: Remove Hero Stacking from Mystery Heroes

Mystery heroes is a great way to test your Overwatch skills.

Can I play this hero?
Can I make it work with a no support comp?
Can I contribute when the enemy team has three Bastions behind Orisa shields?

I just died as Genji and now I’m Rein. Can I switch gears fast enough to play him effectively?


Nah, I’m just insulting you because I don’t want to argue with you anymore. Every time I make an argument it’s just “but no.” You are incredibly biased towards MH, so of course your feelings for it are going to be strong. But the issue is you can’t see the difference between opinion and fact.

And in a multiplayer game with micro transaction loot boxes, the loot boxes should be one of the only things dependent on RNG, if not the only one. Of course it’s RNG for what players you get on your team, but that isn’t as much of an issue as what character you play.

And I guess I really have to dumb this down. It. Is. RNG. To. Get. A. Character. You. Can. Do. Well. With. Of course it requires skill, that goes without saying. You can’t expect to load in, pick the hero you play, sir back and expect to win. No. But at least you can pick your hero in that mode. In MH it’s you load in, get a hero you either play or don’t play, and either play well or play poorly. If you’re playing poorly then there’s no way to fix that but dying. And if you’re playing well then that’s awesome, but then it’s screwed up if you die.

Opinion: I dislike MH.

Fact: MH doesn’t belong in a game that is about making changes and adapting.

You are biased. Your opinion is obviously going to be “it’s the best mode in the game to me,” or “it’s my favourite mode in the game.” I can understand what Overwatch is about, because I mainly play Comp, which is the mode where the main goal of Overwatch is highly emphasized. You must counter the enemy team or you lose. They have a Pharah and you’re on GOATS? You’re not gonna win if you don’t change. Sure, there are players who just refuse to switch, but that doesn’t change the fact this game is about countering the enemy team. Just because someone doesn’t wanna be cooperative doesn’t change what the whole game is about.

In MH, your team loads in with GOATS, enemy team loads in with a hard counter to it. What can you do? Die, lose the point, and hope that RNG gives you characters you can play to counter it. Again, being good at said characters is a given, I’m getting tired of constantly having to say you must actually try to win. Just because I say it’s dependent on RNG doesn’t mean I’m saying if you have good RNG it’s an instant win and you don’t have to do anything. It’s ridiculous how that is one of your recurring arguments.

Lets stop arguing. Like I said, I’ve lost brain cells arguing with you.

I didnt call for 2 2 2 or even balance, just consistency. 100% rng is an easy mode to make. In custom games, there are tons of them on there. I mean what happens if you get a comp without healers in MH? Everyone calls for a healer, so clearly people don’t like 100% rng.

It would be fun for more people if it was more consistent in that sense.

I doubt they are going to replace Mystery Heroes, and I recall Jeff stating that they considered it, but are unwilling to give up the chaos that comes with RNG compositions.

So probably the best solution would be to have two separate mystery hero modes. One with limitations, and one without.

IIRC, Jeff actually said they’ve considered this in the past. I’m paraphrasing it here, but what he said basically boils down to “We won’t remove hero stacking because 1 or 2 people in our staff don’t agree with us and they want to keep it”

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His post is here: How to fix Mystery Heroes

Again not a fact, MH belongs in the arcade with all the other modes that don’t fit the “original concept” of the game. By your logic there should only ever be QP or Comp available to people because “that’s what the game is SUPPOSED to be”

No, its just when you hit the “I need healing button” when there is no healer it auto says “we need a healer” and people hit that “I need healing” out of reflex more than anything, they’re just hoping there is a healer by them to save them. Just because you see someone spamming “we need a healer” doesn’t mean they dislike 100% RNG

The RNG mode that is fun because of RNG, would NOT actually be “more fun” with less RNG.

MH + Hero Stacking = Broken...any chance we get alternate version? (game log included)…I’ll log another set of games soon enough…it’s so blatantly obvious how much of an issue it is if you actually pay attention to team comps when points are captured

The one guy still doing stuff at Blizzard has a backlog. Take a number and your concern will be addressed in… 34.2 years.

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It’s called Mystery Hero’s, not RNG Mode. What makes it unique is that nobody gets to pick their hero’s. Who said it’s fun solely because of RNG??

Having limitations on MH that would require a team to have at least one healer, at a bare minimum, and no duplicate stacks, would still be Mystery Hero’s because it would still be a mystery which hero anyone would have at a given time. It still wouldn’t even be balanced a lot of the time because you could end up with just a zen or something, so it’s like 1% less RNG, but slightly more consistent and balanced and less frustrating for some of us.

Regardless, OP and myself aren’t even saying that blizzard needs to change MH to suit us, just that this is a variation on the mode that could at least be tested to see if people like it. Why are you arguing with that? Other games test out new game modes on the regular and they’re FREE.

Even if they did change it the way we want it to, there are shtloads of RNG modes in custom rooms, they literally take no effort to create, so it’s not as if you’d never be able to play your beloved RNG mode ever again.

personally i think blizzard could do better than having troll modes in their official arcade slot, there’s nothing wrong with having them, but why not leave them to custom rooms and come up with things that are more complex?

Probably the same reason you don’t go and make your 1 hero limit mode in custom games? (because you know you can do that at anytime don’t you?)

Ah that’s right! barely anyone plays custom games outside of a few specific game modes.

No you can’t create a custom room like that actually. You can only use the current mystery heros preset, there’s no way to put limitations like we want in the room creator.

tries to practice new heroes
gets melted by a bastion 6 stack

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Ok so, I feel like we can all agree that everyone should be able to get all three arcade lootboxes every week with fair and enjoyable games.

I dislike all non-seasonal arcade modes except for Capture The Flag, unfortunately for me, CTF isn’t always played at the times when I’m available (so no game gets created so I can play) and CTF is not always in the arcade in the first place. It would be nice if the game mode that is always in the arcade was one that I could say was fair and entertaining. This means the outcome is based on skill first, not luck. In MH, it doesn’t matter how good your team is, a bad comp is a bad comp. And that’s more luck than skill. This is the first reason why I wish Mystery Heroes would be changed.

Second, I like the idea of MH, it should be a mode that lets players test their flexibility in the game by giving them random heroes and unique situations to play in. And as I am a flex player, one would expect for me to enjoy such a game mode. Wrong, because no matter how hard you play, if your team is being steamrolled because the game gave your team all DPS and everyone is respawning as DPS, you will not get to play the game. period. end of discussion. If you’re giving me a unique game mode, you gotta let me play.

Because people will disagree with me, instead of changing the mode entirely, the devs might consider making a second MH game mode version, chosen like the difficulty in most seasonal PvE games. “Mystery heroes: Controlled” and “Mystery heroes: Wild” in the new controlled version I want to at least have the game rule that there has to be one hero from each class. But I wouldn’t mind having some kind of intelegent selection in the game mode that makes two awesome team comps either side that started fighting like it was a clash of the Titans.

So what? We’ve been like this for 3 years. Time to change it up. Just because “someone argues with us that the point of the mode is to allow for “broken” comps” it doesn’t mean they are right.

  • Remove hero stacking

  • Randomize roles and not heroes ('cause the amount of heroes per role is unbalanced)

Then you fix MH.

do not make any changes to MH please


Its the most popular mode for a reason. No “fixing” needed. If you want stacking removed play quickplay and roll a dice after each death :slight_smile:


You are mistaken. It’s like saying just because Qp and Comp are more popular than MH it means they don’t need improvements

Take it to Jeff, pal; I was merely quoting.

I disagree with you and so do the devs, apparently. jeff made a statement about it. I would be fine with giving people a “slightly balanced mh” but leave the original one as it is.

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