Why blizzard refuses to fix mystery heroes?

It can still be random and fun, even with a hero limit. Mystery Heroes NEEDS a hero limit.


Don’t change mystery heroes - opt for a new Balanced Heroes mode instead. Randomness is fun and makes you try heroes outside your normal pool. Sure sometimes the enemy team gets really OP comps but that’s part of the fun, because it could happen to your team too, or maybe you’re both trash and it’s a for fun mode anyway so whatever

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This sounds like headcanon fan-wankery. Unless there’s a confirmation from a Blizz dev on this, I’m going to dismiss it as such.

My problem is that the randomness does have a fall off when it starts to get unfun to fight with, where the game refuses to give you a way of dealing with the bastions/Orisa, and I for one do not find the fun of having 3 D’vas constantly in my face, because there is literally nothing I can do to counter it.

Then why play the mode? I just don’t see the appeal in playing mystery heroes and then getting upset that the heroes you play aren’t meticulously organized and balanced. I don’t want balance. I come to this mode for a lack of balance. I want pure RNG. There are other modes to test my skills, learn new characters, or get balanced team compositions.


Wouldn’t be fun for me. It would just be a slightly altered QP experience.

They’ve also never said it’s random either. People assumed random because it LOOKED random.

As to your second question: because it’s a way for players to play heroes without pressure of performance, and learn at a more even pace. If I go to Quick Play and want to learn Doomfist because I suck at it, I actively drag my team down while I do it, even if I’m a 800 rank Zenyatta who kicks butt. Mystery Heroes was a way for me to do that without letting the team down.

Here’s my question: why can’t it be both and switch them out? One week put limits on, next week no.

It’s mystery hero, things happen.

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No one cares about winning in QP. No one cares about dragging their team down. Most teams consist of 4 or 5 DPS teams. And being able to CHOOSE your character is a much better way to learn heroes. There is no pressure, and you don’t get a random selection of characters to choose from.

There’s no reason to play Mystery Heroes over QP if this is your reasoning.

Here’s my question: why can’t it be both and switch them out? One week put limits on, next week no.

They could do that, I just don’t see the point. The mode to be is defined by RNG, and serves no purpose outside of that.

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You’re being dismissive. No one cares about dragging their team down? I just literally said I did. Just because you don’t and have different values doesn’t mean it’s invalid.

People have different personalities and differences. I may be a healer main for example, but I don’t want to hear the complain fest that I get when I go to QP and play Widow or Sombra. Mystery Heroes was my solution to that.

People talk about “rarely” or “never” getting healers on their team in mystery hero. Lets think about this:

15 DPS Heroes (sym included in this number)
6 Tank Heroes
6 Support Heroes

Now lets think about the odds of you getting a healer in an RNG based mode. They are VERY low. It’s just the nature of the mode.

He admits it’s a very close argument, and so that’s my question: why not have both? Have one that focuses on the pure RNG, and one that doesn’t, and switch them around?

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You misunderstand me. I’m saying that people in quickplay don’t care if you’re dragging them down. It’s a problem entirely in your head. I acknowledge that you think you’re ruining their game, but no one cares about winning in QP. You’re worrying over nothing. I don’t want to accuse you of lying, but the idea that you are experiencing “complainfests” in QP seem very dubious to me. I rarely even encounter people with mics turned on at this point. Everyone interesting in talking is playing comp.

Hell, people care more about losing in Mystery Heroes, because at least you get lootboxes for it. In QP there is no incentive for winning outside of the xp gain.

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I agree that there should be a mode where a “soft” team comp is enforced on either side. I wouldn’t get rid of the truly random mode as some people enjoy that.

Also, I don’t think it’s a “fix” that Blizzard owes us or anything. It isn’t broken as it’s 6 random heroes…working as designed.

It would be a nice option to have the soft comp however.

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Way I read it is that they’ve thought about doing that, but it’s probably not high on their to-do list.

I think the misunderstanding here comes from winning/losing versus having fun. No one generally yells about winning/losing, you’re right. But you darn well sure that you get yelled at for “being a scrub” or get attacked for playing Widow for example, even when I’m learning the hero. To me, getting yelled at in voice chat or chat isn’t fun, and I want to avoid that. I can turn voice chat off of course, but it’s a game about communication.

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For me personally, I enjoy playing all the different characters without the pressure (I put on myself I know) to have a good comp. BUT I also want people to play good strategy (The basics for a team game) and for ME it would be great to have a soft comp enforced. Really I want to play QP but to cycle through all of the heroes because I enjoy them all and I like to know them all.

I also understand that not everyone likes that so I would propose having two flavours of the mode. Either run them both at once or switching between the two. That way everyone can win. Not so bad is it?

Explain why when none of the enemy team died I got switched to Genji against a team of Winstonx2 Reinhardt Symmetra Brigittex2, who am I supposed to be countering in that comp? Reinhardt?

somehow for the past 2 days almost every other character i get is doomfist. hard for me to believe it is totally random. i think you get the players you play the least. my next most played hero in mystery is sym

Why dont you just play Quick play or a mode that lets you choose your most played heroes?

Quick fix for your frustration.

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Everyone keeps telling me that Mystery Heroes isn’t about skill and is all about luck. I would argue that the bigger deciding factors in Mystery Heroes is adapting to the ever-changing situation, and identifying the most dangerous enemy target.

If the game gives my Winston (who I am garbage at) I need to figure out a good way to use him. Maybe I just fire myself at the point and drop a bubble because it will be a hilarious distraction to help my team, and because I know the next thing I get might be something I can use better. Maybe I stick around my team and use those bubbles to form an actual charge the way that I probably should be doing. Maybe I take note that the enemy Widowmaker is taking out my team so I throw myself at her and we both murder each-other to respawn as something else.

If the enemy team has a Zarya who is totally wrecking everyone on our team and really putting the hurt on us, maybe I’m able to organize my teammates enough that we just focus that person so they don’t get to be Zarya anymore. They have a Symmetra who put up a shield generator? Well maybe my team can’t get a proper charge organized, but if we can get a couple of people to gang up on that Symmetra, that shield goes down and we have a better chance.

There are strategies that can be employed in Mystery Heroes that can change the tide. Sometimes the matchmaker plays a deciding factor in who wins and who loses, but I would much rather be playing Mystery Heroes, where it was the matchmaker that picked the team comp that screwed me, than playing QuickPlay where it was the other human beings who were supposed to be on my team that did it.

its a fun game mode that just needs a little work. there is no reason for unbalanced teams