Blizzard, We need more from you

Simply put, we need you guys to work harder, up your staff, anything. The game desperately needs to have more content to it, along with a definitive priority on removing the majority of gameplay influencing bugs. We are not putting up with it anymore.

We are looking for quality in a game like this, one that you are attempting to make a real professional organized sport out of. If the game is incredibly buggy and unreliable in several facets of it, that speaks far more about how much effort is being put into it than you ever have. (If this is not the case, please–we plead you to say otherwise, or say anything really)

I don’t care if I get silenced for calling the entire company out. I care about this game too much. I want to see it as it should be, and I’m more than certain that the majority of the community shares that opinion.


You’ll be silenced because of the “Blizzard” in the title


They may be working harder than you think. Just not spoiling/telling us.

You want more content- at Camescom new content will be revealed.

They are constantly working on new heroes, maps, events etc.

They probably have started work for hero 30. Archives is a event which takes them a year to create. They’re probably working on that as well. New maps are always welcome. And you get a new skins - every now and then.

I want a big surprise at Gamescom , that’s for sure.


I mean, to me I’d be fine, if they fixed this stuff below and fixed bugs (notably the Rein shatter missing targets, Mei iceblock netcode, Roadhog hook not being super inconsistent.)
⚠️ Main Balance Fixes Needed

Then mix in some of that “Slightly Balanced Mystery Heroes”, and they are golden.
How to fix Mystery Heroes

Maybe put out 3x new maps.


jeff is on the plane to korea and another dev who works for animated shorts is with him so i think all the stuff will be announced at the korean fan festival.

it makes sense because blizzard wants to keep the korean fans.


We need to know. So many are losing faith because of countless failed reworks, their inability to admit mistakes and the complete lack of new content outside of skins.


Just as an example, They said that they would have reinhardt’s eartshatter and Doomfist’s seismic slam fixed in April. It’s now august and the same problems persist. That’s just one thing though, I don’t know what to think if that’s not problematic.

I seriously care about the integrity of the game.


And, another thing is the overwatch league. It’s super important that the game is running smoothly for that. How can they expect for it to be taken seriously with the bugs popping up every so often?

It’s like playing with a ball that can’t keep from going flat in a match of professional soccer or something.

I think the most troubling thing is we don’t have any idea as to the environment in Blizzard HQ.

They could be keeping everything a surprise, they could be incompetent and lazy, they could be prioritizing other things, they could be on a tight budget after spending their money on other things, they could be working really hard but finding that it’s really difficult etc. etc. etc.

It could be one of these things, but we’d have no idea. I’m just hoping it’s not a bad thing and that they do have stuff all planned out. With how Summer Games ended up, it definitely seems like something big is planned.


Perhaps you’re right… but with no way to know… yeah. It’s hard to not point fingers when problems persist and there is no communication.

Complex piece of software suffers from bugs


I’m so sorry you had to go a little while with nothing but the core gameplay to sate you. While bug fixes are needed, give them time to do it. Instead of demanding them instantly along with 100 new heroes maps and gamemodes.

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According to the interview in the latest GameInformer they are working on the next 4 heroes right now.

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The thing is… They really haven’t been the most consistent at dealing with these problems. Several other games from other companies that I’ve played, the bugs don’t go long without getting fixed once they are known about.

Im okay to wait a bit for some fixes and for them to put out new content, but honestly the waiting time is starting to be problematic. Some issues that the game has right now have been in the game for a lot longer than others.

It’s mainly about the bugs that are causing issues.

I’m not upset that it’s taking them a long time to fix problems but more so at the lack of transparency. No one has any idea if they’re addressing issues or if the community’s issues are falling on deaf ears

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I’d love for them to just focus on bugs or something for a while, which is why I find it annoying that people keep badgering them for revamped events and other new content.

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I know different teams are delegated to different tasks. But new content usually concerns all departments.

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Exactly why they need more staff. If they had more people working on the game, they could easily have everything fixed up much more quickly than they have in the past, while also being able to make the newer content faster and have even more to it. All I want is for the game to function with infrequent issues, rather than run into bugs in almost every match I play.

I don’t know man… All I truthfully want to see is them picking up the pace and providing us the fixes for the game reliably. I don’t think that’s much to ask for considering how far reaching and successful Overwatch has been.

Perhaps it’s the mix of first person shooter and moba that is giving them so much trouble with it. I suppose the mix of the genres is still somewhat new, so… :persevere: ugh. I just wish they could be transparent about what’s going on with the bug fixes, the specific issues they are running into with trying to create these fixes… And the progress of new content.

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Agreed. Jelly thinks content is lacking, and Lore is nowhere to be found.

There is still hope, small, but it’s still, gamescom and blizzcon are the last chance👌


They certainly have the budget for a larger size, but as far as I’m aware they’ve been small from the start.

A larger size may help but I would think they’d have done that if it were so obvious. There must be complications we’re not aware of.