Experiment time?

Only a few days? Nooooo. I’m having so much fun playing it, I’m going to miss it so much when it goes away.


Jeff, will zarya get a nerf because I feel like her range needs to be tuned down.


the only reason i would see to change the collision to ice wall was if you were going to nerf it :slight_smile:

-p.s. please nerf ice wall

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Could you guys make balance changes to the mode faster and keep it longer? Maybe changing other heroes (not only tanks) would help the mode get better.

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I just love the wink wink at the end :smiley:

Thanks for the communication, always appreciated

I’m glad you’re enjoying it. The feedback is really polarizing. Seems mostly negative to me so far but that’s anecdotal.

FWIW, queue times are amazing. On average, less than 3 minutes. Damage queue times are currently 1 minute. 1.5 minutes in KR, our most impacted region…

But we’ll see how it settles. I’m not expecting this to go live given the community’s mostly negative reaction so far. But who knows.


That’s not NEARLY enough time. The novelty won’t wear off and your data will be meaningless. Don’t you employ any data scientists?


Jeff, do you want to do quick play together some time on a weekend?


Hmmm :thinking:


This is truly saddening to hear… i had hoped that knee jerk reactions wouldn’t have such a huge impact on such decisions.


I love it too man. Dva feels amazing


My first reaction was pretty negative too, just because it was such a huge change. But now I want 3-2-1, so I’m sad to hear that…


Will we get a post detailing what the changes are on the forums every time this happens? I would have missed half the changes to the Tanks if I didn’t get any patch notes

That’s understandable. I hope we can someway bring back the power fantasy feel tanks are supposed to have. I hope we can bring it back some way again


This would be great, but it’s as likely as expecting a response about Bastion from a dev…

Mei’s rework to the tank class hint? OwO


I mean with the lack of any changes done to the Support/ DPS line up it was bound to fail

As well as some of the tanks just flat failing like Roadhog, D.va, Orisa, and Sigma

I mean, Mercy is seeing so much of a positive feedback simply because her passive actually lets her survive without worry


How are the que times in the normal 2-2-2 RQ Quick Play now that the experimental card is up?

Can we get a separate forum section for it? Like the PTR section?

Me, honestly.

Senpai … The senpai noticed me.


It does

I understand

Good to know.

Especially for console players

This is why I was wondering what the data collection time is looking at. It seems pressing that people play quickly.
If a vid is impossible each time-
Maybe a game notice is possible? For the comp and qp heads who never venture outside of it?

But I always appreciate seeing you Jeff. Good to know you see the feedback.

I’ll give mine when I’m not getting written up at work for being on forums.