"but the majority likes 1-3-2"

I actually enjoy being an op killing machine that is 321 rein. I am really enjoying it eveb as Winston

this is nothing to blizzard.

once u buy game thats basicalyl all $ they are making off most of the players.

majority likely do not buy lootcrates.

ppl will still watch their e-sport and thats where majority of OW’s profit is. (at least more than halffor sure)

What you are not getting is, that the “negative” feedback was after less that one day it was out, so therefore it was already the vocal ones that would hate it from the start without even trying it.

As time goes on, more and more people actually like it.

What he stated was not an absolute answer. In the spirit of queue times, and the fact that more are okay with it, there is a good chance it will be implemented.

That, my friend, is common sense.

Why would Blizzard not want shorter queue times, within a mode that a more buffed tank pretty much can do what two tanks did anyway??

I still see plenty of negative feedback now, we’ll see how it ends up.

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Yeah but democracy is democracy. I don’t say you should completely forget about the other, lets say 49%. You somehow need to find a way to please everyone, but this will be kinda hard.

It would be cool if they would communicate the dates which they collect right now with us. Like how well certain heros performed, more leavers, etc.
Sadly we can’t give feedback after the round ended, maybe like from 1 to 10.

But if you make a poll, a vote or sth like that - the majority counts.
I do NOT say that you should forget about the other people!

And even when 49% disagree with the maybe incoming 3-2-1 change, not everyone would leave. And maybe it would bring some players back who didn’t like 2-2-2?

Issa hard topic :pleading_face:

You must not trust to people around forum saying something like “majority like it” “majority dislike it”, most of them confuse their opinion with the reality.

The only actual partial information we have is for developer actually seems more people dislike 1-3-2.

implying i wont do this anyways in 2-2-2 kek

there are definitely more dps leavers as ive seen so far, they get into a match, underpreform, die to a enemy dps/tank no one is willing to help with and leaves. uncontested enemy widows will do that :stuck_out_tongue:

Tanks get radical changes for a short term mode - wonders why dps queue time is low.

Because people finally have a reason to pick tank - and that won’t even last, had this mode gone through, over a short amount of time it will become high dps queue times again and back to low tank queue times.

It’s silly to think that would last >.>


The majority may like this change due to the majority of players are DPS players (due to more dps heroes) there is no denying some of the tank players played tank with the intention of playing “off tank” to dps. There is no denying that this change to reduce que time for dps where needed.

That said. As a tank player who wanna play tank heroes I currently feel that i cant. Being the only one looking over 3 dps and 2 healers, keeping them safe at all times is not doable. As “off tank” you can support your flankers, as “main tank” (shield tank) you can take care of the non flankers and support.

Right now we need to trust flanker to not be bad and think for themelf. This part is fine this is how it should be i would say. But the question then becomes. Who takes care of me? As a “main” hammond when playing tank, i relay on my other tank. When im about to lose all my shield and get low i want a shoulder to lean on. Anything from rolling into an oria/sigma/rein barriar. Behind road, winston, Dva and zaryas back/bubble/shield. I can smack straight down into the enemy team, get full charge, not get frozen, traped, stunned or CC:ed in any way, and just melt away. Two healers and soldier cant keep any tank alive thur that.

While all of this is happening the there might be a flanker just killing the support. A sniper un contested. After playing experimental tank i got tired of that. It’s not fun to be a tank in a 1-3-2 world. I cant speak for everyone but most people that have answerd in game when asked, say that they think it’s boring/bad, that they want to play tank but doing it alone is not fun at all.

We dont need crazy changes (thinking of road and zarya experimental changes) we need to make make the game playabel for everyone. The que time will go down, but at the cost of a large portion of the tank players. These players will either, stop playing, switch over to dps (increasing the que time again) go over to “healer” (increasing the healer que time).

As i said earlier, this is a needed change, but i think this is only half the solution. Going into a world of 2-3-2 is something that can now be tested on a larger scale due to this new experimental card. It would requirer alot of work to get it to work im sure, but the question is, after 1-2 months with 1-3-2 in live ranked. Will the que time acutally go down with the increase of dps players and decrease of tank players? Im pretty sure this change wont have the effect it’s aimd to have and only work as a short time solution for the next month or two.

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The response to the launch of 222 and the feed back it received was this: “The primary goal of this feature has always been to increase the quality of Overwatch matches, and it’s been great to see so much positive feedback about match quality in a role queue world.” - Scott Mercer

When you compare that to Jeff’s response to the launch of 1-3-2 it’s pretty obvious which one went over smoother with the community.

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you don’t know any point of view but mercy. you never played anything else…so please don’t act as if you can speak for tanks, dps or supports.

We actually had this in the game at one point but it was pulled cause people would rate losses negatively and wins positively so it didn’t give them a ton of useful data to work with.

Yes, I can remember. But for sth like this mode they could implent it once again.

Okay but here’s a thought: If you lose dps mains over long queue times, that means fewer people are playing dps… which lowers queue times. It’s a self correcting problem.

If you lose healers/tanks over 1-3-2 because we don’t enjoy being beat down, then you have fewer healers/tanks… which raises queue times… which is the whole reason you made this change.


The forums is also not an accurate representation of the OW community, as many don’t use the forums, there’s also different regional forums or they don’t post their opinions.

Imo a way they could implement it is after, say 10 games of experimental play, they give the player a form to fill out.
#1 preferred role.
#2 how would you rate the ongoing experiment.
#3 peak Sr (although I guess you don’t need to fill this out.)

We don’t have the mental effects of the immediate match affecting the player.

There’s enough time investment where we don’t get only first impressions but we don’t lose the input of people who don’t enjoy the mode and don’t want to play it for an extended period of time.

We get Sr/role input so the devs can do targeted changes that effect certain parts of the community.

It’s all automated so no humans shifting through data.

Maybe throw in a small reward for filling out the form as a way to motivate people?


Same was said about 2-2-2, and most of the playerbase stayed.

Even if they didn’t like it.

Probably less than 1, cause the MAJORITY are golds.

KR server is going through coma atm

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