1-3-2 didn't work. Now what?

Shoot the shield. Just do it. Or play another game.

Overwatch 2. :clown_face:

hear me out


if everyone plays the same role, then there will be no queue times

Breaking News, but there’s a thing called ““opinion”” in this world… No need to patronize the other person for having a different experience than yours… :man_shrugging::man_facepalming:

I think the reason tanks feel less powerful than DPS is that DPS are incredibly inconsistent. At least at medium ranks, Tanks are pretty consistently good and supports are usually also good. DPS can vary from being totally useless to being hard carry monsters. This makes DPS feel like they control the match, which they kind of do, but it’s not because they’re better. It’s because they’re the most variable.

When you’re not playing ranked, sure it’s okay as an arcade-like mode. Not for competitive.

1-3-2 was fun, why would you keep the rules from quick play and competitive when they have driven away most of the player base.

Maybe they now have to actually start balancing the game properly or in other words start balancing solemnly on realistic potential in high tier gameplay with a splash of consideration towards lower tiers in low skill floor abilities like Sentries, Turrets and such being weaker than the rest of the heroes’ kit. Instead of allowing heroes like Rein and Ana linger as top picks intentionally they would have to actually nerf them and actually try to fine balance the tank roster which has been absolutely broken ever since Sigma was introduced to the game and completely ruined it. The only way to ever see the revival of tank players is to have a consistent balance between all the tanks where none of them reach absurd pickrates like Rein currently has because the only reason tank players have quit en masse is because of the horrible balancing within the role

It’s not a big deal, if que times get bad enough then they can still role lock without role que and just make everyone race to lock first or fill. I honestly think that’d be a better option, I actually got DPS once in a blue moon before.

Really? Was I the only one that liked the changes?

People are acting like experimental card is the PTR right before going live.

Good god people, calm down, it was a fun experiment, hopefully Blizzard got a bunch of data they can use, who knows, maybe we’ll see some off-tank changes down the line that will make them actually, you know, useful.

We can only guess at actual amount of people for or against.
As to OP’s question, I’d say add more tank heroes, and balance the existing ones :man_shrugging:
It’d be nice if you could somehow play a game of tank while in the DPS queue.

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“Burn it all down.” - Ashe

(In all seriousness, though :point_down:)

Exactly. Jeff only said that on the first day and it’s not like he had hard numbers to back it up. At least not at the time. They might have them now, I don’t know.

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How does this post only have 2 up votes, including mine? I want to know what plan b is too, or if there even is one.

Wrong, if something hero pools are doing is decrease dps queue times or just keeping them the same. The tank hero banned had <1% pickrate and the dps heroes banned had both >2.5% and one of them was mei, with her off the game more tank heroes are viable and better to play with.

If you remove hero pools nothing will change. Maybe when rein or dva get banned queue times may indeed increase, but we don’t have access to that data yet.

They should prioritize QoL changes first: Fix the “Waiting for players bug”, put dps players in priority queue when someone leaves and the match gets cancelled.

Then they should put dps heroes on a hiatus: 4 new heroes (2 tank, 2 sup) before a new dps hero.

Then they should increase the reward for playing tank and sup. More points to buy gold weapons maybe or exclusive skins for finishing comp matches as tank/supp every season (I know this would be controversial, but if dps players want lower queue times this is something they should accept).

Then they should push harder balance changes or reworks to tanks, you can’t have Roadhog and Sigma sitting at the throwpick category and Orisa being niche. I know some characters are supposed to work more in some maps than others, but this shouldn’t be a thing when there are only 8 of that role and only 4 of them have a shield.

I would like to have both as options. Que times could work better with both choices available.

They just need to better balance the newer mode. it took 2 years of balance to get where we are today.

just kidding

Just add more heroes

Plenty of people liked it, but it just seems that from the macro view that the devs had, the number of folks who didn’t care for it overwhelmed the number who liked it.