Au Revoir, Triple Damage

good riddance


I think the good part about 1-3-2 is that it shows that Tanking can be a lot more popular than it is currently.

And solving the tanking issue is the primary problem this game has now.
(Since is basically means solving the DPS queue time issue).


Well its not gone… after the very conflicted opinions on it, they decided to take it down, tweak it for awhile, then put it back on experimental later.

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You’re gonna need a cite for that.

Molly put up a post saying they were taking it down and that the Experimental card will be back in the future, but Josh has said it’s probably not gonna be 1-3-2.


Whoops, guess I read that post wrong, thanks for the clear up

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I think 1-3-2 could be a very healthy Arcade mode, and the discussion it’s brought up for how to improve tanks is incredibly constructive, but the devs are being politely firm that they are moving on.


i dont get it … how people in experimantal mode looked for balance instead of fun ?

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Some people desperately wanted it to go live, and when many of the people that didn’t have fun with it mentioned the poor balance…

Personally I’m happy to see it gone but think it should have a slot in arcade.

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I hope so! This mode was way to good to scrap it!

You’re free to hope if you want to. Maybe it’ll come back.

Well, there is always QPC but typically, it is 1-4-1 at best.

I honestly wouldn’t mind this as an every once-in-a-while arcade mode.


1/3/2 is better than No limits or Classic-QP cuz at least you know u will have 2 tanks + 1 healer. On Classic QP every single dam match is 4 or 5 DPS doing “Nothing” more than lose then ragequit every 10 seconds

If this was being looked at as a new arcade mode instead of something that was intended to replace normal comp, I would view it a lot more favorably and be much less annoyed at the lack of balance.

I would not like it to be my default experience but as an arcade mode it seems like it would be a good time and something fresh.

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The devs never say never, so probably not is pretty strong from them. At least the way it was balanced at the time.

Yeah, that Kaplan post quoted above is too equivocating to be able to draw a firm conclusion about the future of 132.

Not really. The devs have said before on the old forums that they don’t like to say “definitely” one way or another. Because of the nature of video game development.

So when they say “probably not” you should read it as “at this current time, it’s not gonna happen”. And when they things like “we are looking to see if we can do x” it means that x is most likely coming sometime in the future.

That’s why people knew we’d likely get to test 132 way before they announced it.

I feel like a 1-3-2 arcade mode where the Tank plays with the Total Mayhem rules and everyone else plays with the normal rules would do a better job of capturing what people liked about 1-3-2.