It took less than a day for the DPS queue to go above 10 minutes for competitive

But that means Tank que times will be longer… when I played 1-3-2 tank que times were 10 mins


Destroy the game for everyone to make it better for DPS who just don’t want to sit in the long line they created. Got it.

I think a better solution is for DPS mains to take responsibility in the matter and pick a different role every once and a while.

Until then, this is a great example as to why lots of people say that DPS mains act entitled.


Report them for gameplay sabotage; I can’t say Moira shouldn’t ever be healed by her teammates, but really…

In a game advertised as a first person shooter, I shouldn’t be waiting more than 10 minutes to play the shooter part.

Please add 1-3-2 Blizzard.


There are multiple ways to get around those queues. You are making a choice to wait in them


I’m going to keep pushing for it, we’ll probably get it regardless around fall 2020 once Valorant yoinks the players who bought Overwatch to play a shooter, not a first person MOBA.

By adding 1-3-2 you’d ruin the experience of tanks and supports


By queuing for tank or support? - No thanks. I bought this game because I want to play an FPS, not an FP-MOBA.


It’s not just tanks. Supports benefit hugely from reliable peeling, and one less potential flanker. 1-3-2 obliterates the idea of an off-tank, and DPS are by no means consistent or effective peelers.




Custom games



Grouping with tanks shaves maybe a minute off, and I’m still spending the same amount of time waiting in custom games :thinking:

Please add 1-3-2 to competitive Blizzard.

There is no wait to join a custom game as long as the game is not filled.

If you want to play DPS but don’t want to wait, then go play death match


1-3-2 made every role more fun. DPS for obvious reasons.

  • Most tanks were buffed, and with greater focus from supports, became super strong. I think tank was the most fun in the mode as you basically got to be OP.
  • Supports became engaged play-makers, rather than spending most of their time being a heal-bot because you have two tanks to block both the enemies DPS from doing anything to you. Most support heroes can duel DPS heroes you know.

2-2-2 exists because it was the most effective composition that wasn’t completely degenerate like 3-3 metas. It wasn’t selected by what made for better gameplay.

Tank main here, biggest benefit of 1-3-2 was how much it improved the fundamental gameplay. Better queues for many players is just frosting on the cake.

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But I want to play competitive, not farm noobs in FFA.

Please add 1-3-2 Blizzard, people shouldn’t be waiting 10 minutes to play the advertised first-person shooter part.

Notice how he said “we’ll see how it settles”. Saw a Reddit post and confirmed it in my game as well that the queue times for dps converged to their normal long waits by the end of the experiment… they definitely won’t implement it if they got that result.


My queue times still weren’t above 3 minutes on the last day.

That’s a lie and you know it.
132 forces supports to stay back and pump healing into the tank so they don’t disintegrate, while also trying to keep 3 DPS, and the other healer alive. ALSO while fighting off flankers

Stress /=/ fun

That doesn’t make them any more fun

Then either wait, group up, or play another role

“I want to get a degree but don’t want to go to college!”
It’s a horrible complaint. If you want it, sometimes you got to wait.

It’s like an actor complaining lack of jobs. Like duh, you want to be an actor. If you want that job either wait for an opportunity or do something else.


I’m already going to college for a degree, no complaints about that. The actor analogy doesn’t even make sense. Bottom line is that people shouldn’t be waiting for so long to play the FPS part. You already know what the problem is though, but please keep trolling to get me more traffic.

Not a lie at all. In 2-2-2 the support commonly sits behind their tank wall simply healing. Little interaction with the enemy because the meatty tank wall separates you.

In 1-3-2 while you can position well with your tank and the map to stay safer, you don’t have a tank for every enemy DPS, and it is necessary to engage with the enemy players. Yes it’s a bit harder to keep your DPS alive, which is another benefit. It make supporting your DPS in duels and interesting challenge.

I sympathize that if you’ve gotten accustomed to playing a semi-afk heal-bot style of support it might seem stressful, but it’s better gameplay. A role that 1/3rd of players must perform shouldn’t be made passive. A passive hero choice (like Mercy) is perfectly fine, but not the entire role.

Buffs + support focus made the tanks crazy fun. It is absolutely fun to be super strong and get to wail on enemies as the mega-tank. Of course you don’t have to play tank if you don’t like the role.


You don’t have to wait so long though

You litterally make a choice at selection screen to wait for 10 minutes.

If you only want to play DPS then you just have to wait. If you don’t want to wait then to bad, go play another game.