Thoughts on Zarya's Nerf/Buff?

Honestly I feel like I can gain energy a lot faster but her damage feels pitiful now. Anyone else feel the same?

It’s noticeable, but not that bad if your team backs you up. I was having fun loft-bombing Widows to death.

I felt like I was essential to the team as zarya and if the enemy team fed me too much I could wipe if I had great aim. I hope the damage doesn’t stay cause dps Zarya where it’s at

Well according to this thread here:

Just interesting. Sad if it can’t be worked into reality. But honestly it needs team cohesion to work and frankly random players not a cohesive team make.

Recently coming back to overwatch teamplay seems weaker than ever so I do definitely understand you there. Enjoying the team bubbles though 100%