So is 1-3-2 cancelled?

Is it not going to happen?

Probably not going to happen.

But maybe they might do 1-2-2, or 1-3-2 but with offtanks as DPS.

It was never going to happen. It was on the experimental card just to be something the players would get to try out.

People wanted to see some of the things that Blizzard are trying out internally that never make it to the live game and now with the experimental card people can.


It was never a “thing”…they just wanted us to try it (they already had)

But k do hope it comes back as an alternate mode…Options are always a good thing


In the form they rolled it out, absolutely. Remains to be seen whether they do another 1-3-2 experiment.

Jeff Kaplan would disagree.

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I’m hoping for an arcade card to show up every now and then. That I think is the right place for that. A lot of fun, but not the right direction for ow


No he would not. He said they were putting it on the card but not rolling it out. That they tested it internally but decided not to push it live. So basically Jeff Kaplan would agree with everything I said.

You haven’t been paying close attention to anything he has posted or written on the topic. No surprise there.

I read every single word said and watched every video. Apparently you were the one who did not pay attention. I am literally quoting when he talked about putting it up for the devs AND when he rolled it out onto the experimental card. They did NOT put it on the experimental card with the intention of making it go live. They put it on their so we could see what they were trying out. He said this going in that it would not go live.

I get it if you do not pay attention you could miss that but that is exactly how it went.


I doubt it will happen because of the feedback, but it’s a possible opening for other compositions for the future.

I read the words too and you’re 100% wrong.

Jeff already agreed tho…

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You just hilariously proved my point the experiment was not rolled out with a foregone conclusion.

Even before that, when it was put up we were told that it was not put up with the intent of going live but just with the intent of testing it for a few days. Even when talking about it when it was developer only he talked about how polarizing it was and how it was not something they were going to do at this time. So they had decided NOT to go live with it before it ever hit the experimental card.

He basically just did not read Jeff’s posts on this topic and is now pretending he did because he got called out for being completely wrong


Before that there was clear ambivalence. Furthermore, the experiment was different from what Kaplan at that point stated they were testing internally. Off tanks were attempted to be made into main tanks as opposed to DPS. They clearly kept working on 1-3-2. In the write-up for the experiment Kaplan indicated work will continue and quite obviously conveyed the developers hadn’t made their minds up on the fate of the experiment before player feedback in his forum posts.

You just can’t read.

This was clearly a biased clown post.

And you’re clearly biased if you’re willfully not reading between the lines. He was basically saying unless there was some miraculous Hallelujah moment with 1-3-2 and the community, which there wasn’t, it wasn’t going live.


Shame, it’d be optimal with rebalanced heroes.