Feedback from devs after Experiment ends?

I like the experimental card, and love the idea of being able to provide feedback on early stage development ideas.

Has there been anything said on the team’s communication after experiments are over?

It would suck to not see some post from the dev team about how they viewed the results and what tentative plans were for the idea that was pitched. Obviously it takes time to decide what they’re going to do with a concept, but if it’s just dropped completely it would be nice to get an update and hear some of their thoughts.

As an example, a simple “Hey 1-3-2 really helped queue times, but overall the negative feedback and work to change the game ended up with us deciding to put it on the back burner, and it’s not something we’ll be actively working on.”

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Thank you! I missed that post. It would still be nice to see a thread started by them after the experiments are over vs. searching for it.

If they have a professional format, there should be a stickied post at the top of General Discussion when the experiment ends. I’m sure they will do that.