"but the majority likes 1-3-2"

im very much for 132, the game feels faster, every tank has a comp that best suits it, and there is tonnes of counterplay, the only i dislike is how much more rien dies cause zarya isnt around and a gripe with current hps numbers. q times are low across the board, games are fun, tanks feel more like superheros, dps can play the game, i think healers need a 10-20 hps buff across the board though, double main heals works wonders, but off supports arent doing very well. but im a tank main, so eh

Que times aren’t High because of how many DPS players there are, it’s their wait time based on Tank players and Support players. 1/3/2 while I despise it because as a support I have to focus solely on the tank to keep them up, it would allow for them to focus on the tanks and stop dividing them between Main tank vs Off Tank, but they’d also have to buff supports to be able to do more so they can comfortably be able to watch the DPS cause at this point all we can do is watch our Tanks to keep them from not dying.

thats part of the problem, in high masters and above 30 min+ is the wait time for dps, streamers sleep and play minecraft while waiting for Q, ive never been below plat but even there its 10 minutes, id rather not wait 10 minutes to q into a game with 10% chance of a leaver and 25% chance of someone throwing obvious games or smurf on the other team, you used to be able to fit 3-4 matches in an hour, now you get 2 when qing for dps, the q times are horrid and need to be dealt with, this might not be the solution, but its working well, and if it hit comp, the lack of coordination would drop, 6 stacks ive been in the past day or so have alot of fun because the game is hella fun in 132, people arent working together because its basically qp, and there is no mmr schedule, this account sits around low diamond high plat and ive qued with and against top 500 streamers and freaking OWL players 2/3 of my 20 or so games in the mode.(hi kariV/agilities, sorry i suck) once people start taking it seriously i think itll just be overwatch, but a little faster with less forced tank lineups.

a big part of that is just that everyone wants to try the new tanks, and no one is playing a tank like a tank, altho i can forgive the rienhardts, its insanely obvious how reliant some riens are on the zaryas they no longer have

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I refuse to touch tank, as a solo tank, thats a big fat nope and guarantee that if this goes through those characters wont see any play time from me xD

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i think its this post Experiment time?

Just need to say the huge change in the UK was agreed upon by a 52-48 vote. That is technically a ‘majority.’

but yeah, 3-2-1 is horrific.

This I would have no issue with or a workshop mode. I have just been so admently against it so far because I want to make it clear that it would be a bad direction for the main game. Permanent arcade addition go nuts. I won’t touch it but there will be some takers.

Yes that’s the one! Thanks

I’d be ok with this staying as an arcade mode, it’s actually kinda fun. 2-2-2 is superior though because it’s way more balanced. Doesn’t mean they can’t improve 1-3-2. Some more tanks changes are probably needed to make others more useable but Rein is kinda fun. Especially when nano boosted he really feels like a raid boss lol.

Again, thank you for adding another point to my list.

Except that 48% of the population wont quit the country, or even 1 to be fair

You underestimate just how much remainers hate brexit

Really? Because most of the forum feedback I’ve seen has been negative

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I appreciate that they tried it though. Even if I think it’s an awful mess and nobody other than Rein and Zarya are played I want them to feel like it’s okay to experiment and to let us in on what they’re doing. That being said I’m not a fan of this particular experiment.

I understand what Jeff was thinking, about making “more of the most popular flavor of ice cream available”, but the thing is that this isn’t like buying an ice cream cone. You buy an icecream cone and generally you’re the only one that eats it. It’s more akin to say, 6 people having to share a sundae. We are all, in essence, building a sundae together and it has to be something we can all share and enjoy.

Yep, that was at the beginning when the negative comments came on without trying it first. Since then, more and more are liking it, and why wouldn’t Blizzard be interested in shorter queue times?

His answer was not a definite.

I see the opposite. Plus the fact that people are actually playing the mode, and in game people say they like it.

everyone knows, that usually the negative are the loudest, and people are usually unwilling to change. same thing happened with 2-2-2, but it still was implemented.

Point is, in game, people are really enjoying it, and love the short queue times. Plus feel its a better mode.

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I think u just proved some points…the threat of potentially having another tank for the enemy team is better than knowing there would only be one.

I guess 2-2-2 is also a culprit for this staleness.