Still no 3-2-1, eh?

Most people who didn’t like 132 were the bad tanks who need a second one to cover for their mistakes and support players who don’t know how to use cover.

Nani??? But… Goats was 3/1/2 what kinda of group would one heal a Goats comp?

this is the most balanced the game has been tbh

just play QP Classic. Thats literally 3-2-1 lol

Honestly, it would probably hurt the queue times even more. Tanks would just get blown up and supports would have no tank peels anymore. Both roles would see a drastic decrease in players.

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god no thats a horror show. This biggest problem overwatch has is the DPS more double the hero counts of tanks and supports. There is no real balance because they have to make such huge drastic changes to the limited options in those roles to keep “balance” which always ends up in a winners/loser sort of tradeoff. They cant just butcher a hero like they did sombra and toss her in a dumpster and people will forget when it comes to tsnks and supports because the choices are so limited they need to do their jobs that are required out of them. Its not like you see pharah and you can choose mccree, solider, ashe, widow, or bastions as a hitscan counter based on your preferfence. When your a support you need to be babtiste or ana or your pretty much effed if your dps cant deal with her alone.

Everything for tanks and supports is limited and until there is at least 5 more tanks and supports put into each of those roles the balance in overwatch will always be wonky mess. I like to play support but im only good at mercy and ana, when i cant play either of those two or im heavily countered im useless. It also not as easy as “well just learn how to play those heroes” when you put in 4 years into this game you been around the block more then once and you know which of neighbors your good with and which you should never be around. Players need options to expand their preferences and use in game, not forced metas. Not everyone can play hamster or lucio and not everyone is a crackshot on widow and hanzo

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Wait, forgot, what did they do to Sombra?

I reaaaaallly wanna test 3 dps, 2 tanks, 1 support, even if it doesnt go through.

Yea honestly i think we should go for 3 tanks, 2 healers and 1 dps to really spice up the game


100% agree, dps mains could enjoy being the only dps, plus the world could always use fewer dps in every match(i think that is what winston said in the trailer)

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Nonono dude you’re thinking of what reinhardt said, WInston said “i like bana”

Jeff actually said on the forums that it didn’t make queue times much better after the intital first few days of people trying out the new tank buffs.

I also know for a fact it made Support Queue times worse. I had supports leaving the games mid-game almost every game. They were not having fun.

It was basically like how all the Support players hated the recent Hog Zarya Double Sniper meta.

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Well that version of the game needed drastic changes like almost a new games amount. For starters Sombra’s hack more or less makes the tanks pointless, As that leads to another problem where if one team losses their tank the other would be at ridiculous advantage.

None barrier oriented tanks horribly under-performed due to the ridiculous advantage a barrier gives one team.

Overall their would be a lot more snipers running around as their is less protection overall , which is not helped by the fact that most points were designed to be wide open particularly 2cp.

This would extreamly prevent with that version of hog as well as all that healing isn’t going to stop his team from a headshot.

Like the mode had a lot of fundamental issues which would require the devs to rework most maps, heroes, and interactions.

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I actually enjoyed tanking in solo tank mode. I felt like raid boss, and the other 5 teammates were just mini bosses that had to be dealt with before they even had a chance to look at my hair.

but support and tank mains only exist to let dps players pop off, so we should all sit down and shut up and just let the dps be happy


When did he say that? The only comment of Kaplan’s I can find on the forums about 132’s queue times is his one at 132’s launch.

Each tank would need to be as strong as hog was before his nerfs if we r just gunna have 1 tank and idk how people will feel about that

Good I hated it - went from a tank support player to only playing dps cause the experience was miserable

No thanks… it was a trash mode… remove the role lock. Remove the leadership of this game and revert the game back about 2 years…