"but the majority likes 1-3-2"

Sure, but sightlines as ludicrous and far-reaching as those on Ilios Ruins, Temple of Anubis, Busan Downtown, Junkertown, and Volskaya point B (to name a few)?

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I think some lanes should be sniper oriented, some shouldn’t.

The majority of players are DPS. Of course they like 1-3-2.

i think they could just dump DPS queue people into 0/6/0 games every now and then to deal with the overflow…

that way DPS dont have to queue to long and they dont have to subject the other roles to wierd comps just to appease their needs…

1 game like that would get rid of 3 games worth of overflow DPS so it would probably be very effective… and the number of filler games like that would not be excessive… being in one could grand some kind of consideration not to end up in one again as easily…

it’s probably the most simple straight forward solution for queue times…

it’s probably also really easy to code into the game compared to most other fixes…

it may even work for comp given that you get SR in a given role…

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Rein and Zarya got massive buffs, D.va got good buffs, Hog got decent, and the rest got minor reverts, except ball, who didnt get touched.

As for DPS, I literally only saw Mei, Doom, Widow, Sombra, and Bastion.
Everyone will have to be reworked for this to be a good change, and that will take more time, money, and effort than it takes to make 2-2-2 better.

Seems like the Dev team (Or atleast jeff himself) sees more Negative feedback sooo…

Yea according to jeff most people hate it atm.

Not only that, but that’s a vocal 51%, could just be 10% and spam the forums while the 90% are mostly quiet.

I straight up stopped playing when we were forced into 2/2/2. It makes sense that most people who gave up stopped going to the forum.

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Wow I had no idea so many people played in OWL and t500.

Also, there’s the issue of honeymoon periods and the lack of a 1-3-2 meta. People like novelty. But that would fade fast.

I also saw the contrary (people saying “the majority likes 2-2-2 better”).

I’m kinda surprised people are now bringing up the small 51 % VS 49% majority argument with 1-3-2.

How come this wasn’t ever brought up when 2-2-2 was forced on all of us ?

Yes, there was a majority that liked 2-2-2 since it was mostly created as a QOL improvement to lower ranks (that are also the majority of players) but no one cared about the 20% or maybe even 40% of players that didn’t like 2-2-2.

A lot of people stayed on the game nonetheless (despite being less hyped by the game), a big portion among those that didn’t like 2-2-2 simply left Overwatch for good.

Thanks for confirming 2-2-2 should have never happened on Overwtch and that Classic Competitive should have stayed.

True, that’s why I think there should be a “meta pool” in Competitive or simply adding Classic Competitive and 1-3-2 Competitive in the game. 2-2-2 shouldn’t be the only option when it comes to Competitive (and the reasons are numerous : lots of issues, less synergies, stuck when people throw or onetrick, long queue times and I could go on and on about this - other threads already covered most of those issues anyways).

Argument for 1-3-2: Hurr durr 2-2-2 evil hurr durr 1-3-2 you deserve it hurr durr

Pittyparty :partying_face:

If you are 50-60 years old I would kinda expect that you hold a grudge, but you are on average below 30

Actually 222 goal was to remove boring games in owl with 3tanks 3supports aka goats.

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Lol based on what you just said…

I had no idea that plat and diamond comp games running GOATS were OWL-worthy, huh?

I just want it as permanent Arcade mode. For the normal modes, I’m not sure.

Like I mentioned before, Jeff stated that the decision to develop 2-2-2 fell right when GOATS started. Development took over a year.
So they planned ahead of GOATS

But that doesn’t make sense considering the head-scratching balance changes that were only justifiable in the sense of dismantling GOATS without considering how they’d sit in 222.

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The point being that just because people had the heroes from GOATS on their team didn’t mean they were playing GOATS. As devs have repeatedly stated, games below GM/Masters aren’t actually playing the meta, even when they’re using the meta heroes. GOATS in particular has been stated by Devs to be a comp that really only saw successful play in the highest tiers of play with people that actually regularly played together in order to pull off the coordination needed in GOATS.

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I agree that 3-2-1 would be a mistake. However I strongly disagree that there’s anything wrong with them letting us test it out so we can give feedback. I think more player involvement in the development process is always a good thing, and I’ll gladly test 3-2-1 or any other feature they come up with in the future. Not only does it provide them valuable feedback, it also gives us something to do if we’re bored with the core game.

I won’t say it’s not interesting and some of the changes might be cool to keep like D.Va’s slowdown removal but… I mean… We could have told him that lol