My friends quit because of queue times

Yup, and arcade comp modes arent as important.
We’re talking about the end goal of the game, not what people play the most.
We were talking about my reasons, dude.
Nope, to keep comp as a singular goal, you need to emphasise other less important stuff.
I assume you’re a bad tank because you dont seem to care about anything but DPS.

DPS have a singular goal - do a murder. Get dinks. Tanks and supports have further goals that do not currently dink. DPS dink more. Tanks and supports need their own dinks. I’m not saying this is the only reason tanks are less popular (if you were paying attention, i’ve already listed many other reasons), i’m saying it would HELP.

Not to you

You said Comp was the end goal and that it was the main game mode.

It isn’t the main goal for everyone, as I’ve said.
Though for those that think it is and want a ranked experience without Role Q, they got nowhere to go


Keep assuming, doesn’t bother me that you choose to rely on supposition

So you should make a case about DPS being a simple role so people gravitate towards it more.

I’m saying it would be inconsequential.


I like everything you said, but i don’t necessarily agree with everything.

I don’t think Overwatch should stray from the original goal. A team based shooter with heroes/abilities. I say this with bias of course, but I want it’s core identity to be OWL and the pinnacle of team coordination.

But I like the idea of widening the total identity of Overwatch, like

I wouldn’t mind if they designed it with Comp and Qp being the core, with 2-2-2.

And everything else is a giant arcade.

Even have a 1-3-2 ladder with it’s own separate balance. Blizzard can have super tournaments that have these wacky modes. I’d like to see say Sinatraa going solo tank.

I play WAY less because of it. Although I do like structured meta, just not this limited one.

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Lol. Loving the DPS tears. Play something else or get over it.

Hmm… Doesn’t seem overwhelmingly positive to me.

It really isn’t… Stop glorifying the DPS role. You’re making it out like DPS is PC and supp / tank are essentially consoles. DPS is not superior. All roles are just as important as eachother.

If the majority of players want to play DPS that just means more people want to pew pew than keep their team alive or block damage / provide space.

It is also down to the fact there are more heroes in the DPS role.

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I love the wait to play. It gives me a chance to alt+tab and check forums, read stuff, watch videos, give my hands and fingers the desperate break they need from fragging so hard, whatever i want.

Grow up, learn to have patience, or uninstall. Noone wants to hear you whine and complain and you should know this.

Cos you end up with whoever has the fastest ssd wins and it throws the role based SR out the window.

nothing is going to change, they’re so slow on changing things, it isn’t going to happen, the only people who will return to OW2 will be the people who 1st bought the game near launch, played a month or two then moved on

i’ll be here still sadly, you can count on that

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Queue times are a problem…

two things could be done to fix it…

  1. Make tanks and support more fun, give them more visceral feedback, more “glory” factor, more pizzazz, whatever you want to call it, instead of feeling so laborious and team-dependent…so then some people are more likely to branch out and play other roles.

  2. Matchmaking system slows down queue times because it tries to instigate super “fair” matches so that every match is hotly contested, even to the point of “handicapping” teams. Handicapping is a competitive term used in sports such as golf and is not referring to people with disabilities. In my opinion the MMR system is too heavy handed and tries to do too much, and should be toned down. I think that is why you see lots of people in skirmishes just waiting around, the system hasn’t found that “perfect” match for you yet.

welcome to the “balanced” 222 :slight_smile:

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Well, you’re free now. Enjoy life and realize there are games out there which care about their players actually enjoying the experience.

Just one more card. If it wasn’t cluttered at 3 cards, it’s not suddenly super cluttered at 4.

In the previously described implementation it would be inside the Quick Play master card.

Because the most prominent reasons that people didn’t use LFG before would be resolved.

  • Many of the functions could be automated. It would work a lot like Role Queue.

  • A group found with the automated function wouldn’t be placed at any disadvantage in that they’d have the same chance of being matched against solo-queuers as solo-queuers have. This was a key complaint regarding groups.

  • No group leader.

  • Allow criteria template to be saved.

To name a few.

You don’t. Those who don’t use it accept any trade-off of not using it.

There’s no evidence you’ve shown that you do.

The burden of proof is on you.

The proof isn’t in theoretical knowledge i.e. passing an “exam” of questions that I present to you. The proof is in application i.e. successful implementations of UX in actual published games.

You have to explain why a Card within “Quick” Play isn’t actually quick i.e. Damage.

If the label/name causes confusion I’m sure the devs can come up with a more distinctive name e.g. Hero Limit 1, Hero Limit 1 Competitive - HL1, HL1C, Legacy, Legacy Competitive.

Also, a message could pop up the first time you click it - as is done for the Competitive master card - which would provide a disclaimer or explanation about the mode.

You wouldn’t need to bury it another level. They could be within their own master card called simply “Classic”, alongside the current master cards - Quick Play, Arcade, Competitive, Custom Browser, Experimental.

The master card could alternatively be called “Legacy”. It would also include No Limits.

It could even have the original iteration of Overwatch.

In the case of utility Damage heroes like Sombra, Mei and Symmetra this is false.

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No they are not. Exercise patience. You will be fine, I assure you.

Then people have got to stop fighting the things which would decrease DPS queue times then.

Okay. With you so far

And, you lost me.

Adding the option is great. Personally, I would use it. Forcing people to play that way? That’s not a good idea.

The fact of the matter is, some people want to play certain roles and not others. There are people that only play Tank, only play DPS, and only play Support. Forcing those people onto roles they don’t want to play, will just make them throw or go to a mode/game that doesn’t require you to queue for all roles.

In the short term, yes. But, in the long term, no.

Blizzard needs player retention for a game like this to be sustainable and make money, overall. Two people gone is two these people that might watch OWL or buy loot boxes or Merch or OW2 or whatever.

In the long term, losing players is not healthy for a game. I don’t care how you want to “pretty it up”, it’s just simple fact. The less people playing/spending money, means the less time and effort and resources Blizzard will be willing to spend to keep the game/IP. And, if they ever feel it’s not lucrative enough they will do what Gearbox is doing to Battleborn and shut it down.

So, If you actually enjoy this game and want to keep play it, you should never be happy when people leave it. Because, in the long run, people leaving can affect your enjoyment and ability to play the game, for the reasons I just mentioned above.

We indirectly tried that before.

When the Role Q Beta came out, in Comp, there was a bug that happened in QP and VS AI, where it was locked to 222, but there was no role Q. So, You would get into a game, and you were locked into playing whatever hadn’t been chosen yet. or, in the case of you backfilling, the role that the other person left.

in short, it was a nightmare and a lot of people hated it.

You were correct, until right after this point.

The devs are to Role Q and Q times, as they are the ones that put the system in. The only thing the DPS players (And every other player) is guilty of it’s just playing the role/hero they enjoy the most.

Honestly, it was idiotic for the developers to put in a Role Q system that they knew would make Q times increase and that this player base can’t support. Because, not only do too many people play DPS for a 222 system to work at its most optimal, there isn’t enough Tank players to make it function properly either.

So, unless we are going to magically get rid of a bunch of DPS players, and magically create a bunch of tank players, 222 will never work properly.


Exactly. I’ve mentioned that multiple times, before. It also doesn’t have achievement support, like the old quick play did. Also, since it’s buried in Arcade, less people touch it. And, because less people play it, sometimes it harder to find a game (depending on time of day or region or whatever).

There are multiple reasons why QPC isn’t the same as the old quick play.

Right. That also perplexes me. Just ignoring 16 Heroes, isn’t really a solution.

Personally, I play all 3 roles. So, I am picking the “Tank” and “Support” button. But, I don’t think it’s too much to ask that when I do pick that “Damage” button, I get a match in a reasonable amount of time.

Honestly, say what you will about 132, but personally, I enjoyed it a lot more than 222. I got to play every role in a reasonable amount of time, I enjoyed all 3 roles, and there was even specific balance changes for the mode (unlike QPC, No Limits, etc)

Was it perfect? No. But, of course it wasn’t going to be perfect when they only balanced 7 out of 31 heroes and we only got to try it for a week (So we didn’t really get used to how it played). But, I felt it showed a lot of potential. It just needs more work.

I will say, though, I enjoyed myself more in 7 days with 132, than I have in months with 222.

Exactly. Agreed.

It’s nice to see that someone else gets it. I agree with your entire post.

That was a passing comment that Jeff made on the first day it came out. And he even said his “evidence” of that was anecdotal.

We honestly have no idea what the hard numbers are as far as if it was successful or not.

And, Even if the first version of it wasn’t spectacular, It doesn’t mean that we should throw the baby out with the bath water. The only adjusted seven heroes for that mode, and there’s 31 in the roster.

So, maybe in a couple months they could also add in support changes, as well, we try again. You shouldn’t just throw out a potential idea over one test.


It’s no different than the old system where DPS would hold the win condition hostage until someone else caved and went tank and support.

Except rather than the players doing a game of you swap or we lose chicken, Blizzard just slots everyone in before the game starts.

I bring it up being the push back of oh no no no I can’t play something I might not like is EXACTLY what was being done in games, for years.
The current 10-15min wait for DPS now was 2 hours for some in the old system until they got a game where they would be “allowed” to play DPS.

I don’t expect forced roles to happen but let’s not act like that wasn’t how the pre-RQ and player controlled system worked.

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Oh, let’s not start that again. Nobody forced anybody in the old system.

I’m sick of these people having martyr/victim complexes.

I filled/flexed, because I wanted to. Same with everyone else. You made your decision, no one forced you to do crap

I’m not going to deny that there was peer pressure, but no one literally forced you like your suggestion would do.

It wasn’t. At the end of the day, every player made their choice. Like I said, I’m not going to deny that there wasn’t peer pressure to fill into tank and support, but no one forced anyone.

Your suggestion literally forces people to play roles they don’t want to play. That’s a huge difference


ah but they did…
It’s disingenuous to say other wise being a passive aggressive stance of just being ok with losing vs ever playing another role is only a 1/2 step away from forcing others into that role.

“Well you don’t have to do it… No one is forcing you… because we can just lose”.

We don’t have to visit my parents for a week this summer. My mother can just come live with us for a month.

How can anyone with a straight face say those players with 100s and 100s of hours of only DPS in their top 5 or even top 10 heroes played did not 100% hold win conditions hostage? What, they just randomly get really lucky and landed in 1000+ games that always needed a +1 more DPS player?

These sort of detachment from a realistic view as to the old system is part of the reason the community stalls on idea to fix the current 222 system.

being yeah, player were forced into other roles or they would lose games. So maybe that sort of system or a toned down version of it (priority queue) is needed once again.

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No, they didn’t. Your idea is literally forcing someone to play roles they don’t want to.

The old system, though, to pick any role was your choice, in the end.

Yes, I did say there was peer pressure from others to pick said roles. But, all in all, you made your decision. So did I. And so did everyone else.

No one came to your house and made you pick those roles/heroes.

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