So did the devs abandon the 1-3-2 idea?

Seems like it just went up on ptr and then got taken down with zero feedback given. So what were the results? Did queue times improve? By how much? Was the communities happy or disappointed with the mode? Will it ever come back again?

So many questions and never any answers…

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Seems like you just don’t know where to look :wink:


They abandoned literally everything not relevant to OW 2.


I feel silly :woozy_face: . Oh well…I kinda liked it. Too bad :frowning:

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yeah that post was made on Feb 25th.

don’t they’re quoting that from 3 months ago XD

Because that’s when the 1/3/2 experiment happened?

That was all there is. There wasn’t another test run.


It’s almost like that’s when that Experimental Card was live.


another thing about 1-3-2 is dva ball hog, we’re unplayable in comparison to shield tanks. Zarya was actually the only viable off tank re-worked. but as it stands right now in order for 1-3-2 to work dva ball hog would have to be removed.

I felt D.Va was actually pretty good. The 4 second dm was really strong.


yeah i loved solo tank, she actually felt like a tank


Meh, 2-2-2 is better to me regardless of queue times. Sorry it’s not very popular though. I enjoy the idea of everyone having fun.


except OWL they never abandoned that

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Does the fact that it was 3 months ago mean anything?

It might make an appearance for Overwatch 2, you never know.

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hope it comes back as competitive, they’re bringing back open queue for triple tank abusers. What about us dps

They’re bringing back open Q because Q times are better when open Q is there.

Jeff’s words not mine


because it makes them money


well you’re not wrong about that

Did you just chose to ignore all the feedback from the players???

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yeah but 1-3-2 would be more fun imo, no more double shield, less oppressive tanks