Yeah I'm not having fun solo tanking :)

Of course you can… now let my Sombra farm you :grin:

Agreed. I had a couple of matches with a Roadhog playing him like the old Roadhog (flanking around and stuff but killing nothing) and it was horrible.

I think the changes to the tanks are fun, but being the sole tank is a terrible experience for:

  • The tank.
  • The supports.

The mode is a great experience for:

  • People playing burst DPS.
  • People playing burst DPS counter DPS.

So yeah, it’s no wonder the majority seems to like it. :woman_facepalming:

I wish they’d instead do this:

  • Decrease damage output from tanks and supports across the board (to be fair they mostly did that to supports already).
  • Put in the tank changes to offtanks as per the current 1-3-2 mode, making them “utility tanks”.
  • Slow down the whole game by this, making it about tactical gaining/giving ground. If I want a headshot snipefest I got existing FPSes already.

110% agree wholeheartedly.

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Im having fun solo tanking <3

For real seems the majority seems to not like it, said by Kaplan, for him probably this gamemode will not go live.

It’s really setting apart the bad tanks from the players who know what tanks are supposed to be used for.
Good tanks relish in this change because they become actual tanks
People who just enjoy having a large healthpool are going to get the poop end of the stick, because now you actually have to BE. A. TANK.

Sigma got 300HP on his barrier. That’s not making him an actual tank.

If they reverted him back to his launch state, instant barrier, oneshot rock and all, THEN he’d be an actual tank.

300HP on his barrier is nothing. It’s a tiny buff to a hero who was already struggling at the bottom of the tank pile.

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Now this man is a real tank right here <3 Being solo tank is fun af

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There is always going to be a character that is least viable. It’s just how it is. Just like there are DPS and healers that don’t flourish with this format.

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OW history proves you wrong pal.
How about you take a lesson? Lets start from Vancouver vs Shangai.
Also ask any streamer or any pro ever that played from the beta.

Sounds like an excuse full of anecdotal evidence:
“Oh I had some random matches were we played Triple DPS because 1 dude and we lost”. Cool story bro.

I cant admit things that are objectively and factually false mate, but live your dream. Keep acting like the previous 3 years of the game dont exist and like you are actually not a bad tank.

How about you admiting the truth?
If you need an offtank to Tank properly in OW, you never knew how to tank in the first place.

It is what it is :man_shrugging:

Sigma doesn’t flourish on 2-2-2 either!
He’s just a weak hero in need of buffs to be able to be decent.

What about Orisa, who got a similarly tiny buff? Or Hammond, who didn’t get one at all despite being badly affected by more spread-out enemy teams and the recent Piledriver nerf minimising his pick potential? Or Winston or, who now cannot cover dive both snipers at once? Or Roadhog or Zarya, who also just die to snipers (and Hog dies to Mei too)?

If a team picks sniper/sniper/Mei or sniper/sniper/Sombra every single tank is a throw pick

So how is that an argument against 1-3-2??

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I’m disagreeing with the sentiment of “tanking feels good now” by showing a hero on whom tanking felt bad before and felt bad now.
What do you think to my assertion that

And so they should. You should always lose 1v3. Where’s your team?

Okay, what about every other tank? Orisa on a payload feels like a fortress now. DVA can be best described as “a flying wall”, Winston is an actual beast and his shield has more utility due to the lower cooldown. Hog becomes more of a tilter than he already is because he just doesn’t die. Reinhardt feels like a gladiator, 3 swings and most characters are dead, especially since you only have to worry about 1 other tank.

I think your problem here is playing the game like it always has been. It’s experimental. Expreriment. That includes PLAY STYLE

I hope Blizzard takes opinions like this into consideration.

As the “strawberry lovers” of the bunch, I really hope that Blizzard doesn’t dismiss opinions of tank players as, “ahhh, it’s the least popular role. Eff ‘em.”

At least they finally acknowledged that only the damage role provides significant positive feedback for doing their job right…

…after a few years.

Exactly, you can’t play under the assumption that you can survive like you could before.

You can no longer rely on a second tank to protect you, your team needs to be more aware of looking after each other.

How about you take a history lesson instead of revisioning it to your benefit?

If 3DPS was ever a legit comp, it’d be meta instead of turbo-niche throwcomp that was only prevalent on ladder as a compromise.

It was [quote=“Hyphen-21921, post:91, topic:463751”]
Sounds like an excuse full of anecdotal evidence:
“Oh I had some random matches were we played Triple DPS because 1 dude and we lost” . Cool story bro.

“Oh I had some random matches where I and 2 others instalocked DPS and the Rein totally had fun being a CC pinata for us.”

Anecdotal evidence works both ways, buddy. No one who actually had to solotank since beta likes this for a reason.

The only ones who like it are selfish DPS like you who want the game dumbed down so you could have your easy Call of Duty kills.[quote=“Hyphen-21921, post:91, topic:463751”]
I cant admit things that are objectively and factually false mate, but live your dream. Keep acting like the previous 3 years of the game dont exist and like you are actually not a bad tank.

That’s why I’m not asking you to admit things that are objectively untrue, I’m asking you to admit the truth :slight_smile:

You’re a Call of Duty kid spoiled by ez snipers in that game, confused that with skill, and are now demanding OW become the same.

So you try to pretend the DPS instalocker bonanza of the last 3 years was fun for anyone but you, because you want your braindead ez kills on zero-effort burst DPS.

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Sure usually 1-2 even three characters are least viable.

But in this case we talking of most of heroes not worth to be played because others are really better.

There is a big difference between very few less viable and most not choiced because there are alot better options.

Actually i doubt the situation worth the work needed to make it balanced, and developers think there are too much negative feedback actually.