2-2-2 vs 1-3-2 and the future of Overwatch

The consensus is that 1-3-2 is allot better for the game and that it might be implemented for the next season or the one following it. What maps have you found this mode to work better and why?


Show me where it says 1-3-2 is a good thing?


Where’d you get that consensus from?


Actually I think it’s the opposite.


That is not the consensus.

Day 1 opinions were strongly negative with some people being very enthusiastic supporters, and through Day 2 the language universally has been toned down but still largely negative.

That said, I think 2cp is kinda better since you don’t have two fat tanks holding the chokes.

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I disagree. There are many people that like it because people keep playing it. He should not have said that because he pulled it out of thin air and there are a number of people that just agree because they are fankids.

I mean one reason to play is that it’s only up for a little bit. That’s why I’m playing it.

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I’m wondering what would happen if they gave Tanks a choice of:

  1. BuffedBarrierTanksOnly 1-2-2
  2. NormalAnyTank 2-2-2

Then randomly matchmaker DPS and Healers into 1-2-2 vs 1-2-2 games, or 2-2-2 vs 2-2-2 games.

I don’t want 1-3-2, but I do like some of the things they did with tanks. I especially like the new Roadhog in it, and I haven’t seen many dislike DR Vape Lord change.

Any actual numbers to back this up?

Or is this a case of “whoever screams the loudest on the forums”

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That is exactly the point of the post. They should have a voting system that you can change up until the ‘experiment’ runs out then at the end show everyone in-game the stats. Probably not what they were going for with the card but it seems like where they are heading with responses like that.

More people seem to dislike it, than like it.

I would like to see actual numbers from the test. Rather than all this guess work. The amount of people playing the mode. The amount of people not playing the mode. Increase or decrease of users over a few days etc.

And why should only Tanks get that choice?

I would rather leave a 1-3-2 game than to be forced to play it because of one player’s decision??

I think just to avoid complaints like this, there could be a button off to the side to filter for only 1-2-2 of only 2-2-2. But with the a lot of warnings on how that could increase queue times.

If you’re gonna do this idea, then just add the game mode besides eachother and let people choose what they want to play with instead of forcing people to play in one or the other

Like I said, it should be an edgecase not the standard way to do it.

Because it does make the matchmaker slower for everybody by just a little bit each time.

Would that almost make you a fan kid since you are going off opinions of others with no real evidence to how itll be best for the game?

Or they could just keep the game mode in arcade with seperate balancing for a couple of months and see how it turns out in the long run.
Not doing anything sudden.