Sad thing is bliz will implement 3-2-1 no matter what

Most of the tanks got insane buffs for 1-3-2. And if they decide to push this farther they will get even more buffs. To say they are just pandering to dps is absurd. If other roles had to deal with the same queue timed they’d want something done about it too. Blizard are literally trying to make the game better for everyone. You can either offer constructive critism and be taken seriously or make up wild conspiracies and lose all credibility.

well now you can SOMEWHAT see what the people went through who was against 222…

i was against 222, i wanted them to leave 222 out of quickplay, leave quickplay alone…but sad day and 222 came for both comp/qp …oh well i still manage to have fun in this game :slight_smile:

but anywho, i guess now some of you guys can somewhat relate

90% confident this will not go live…

Tanks/Supports don’t worry Blizzard will be switching the game to 3tanks/3support when they notice dps players have moved onto Project A when it’s released.

joking =P

Or you nerf sniper damage so it doesnt nullify healing, then nerf healing and sustain damage however you like.


  • Sustain is already high because of 1 shots.
  • Healing is high because of sustain.

1 shot damage forces everything up. Its the static point everything else revolves round. If you don’t nerf 1 shots, you cant nerf anything else while retaining the length of fights or the value of sustain damage characters.

Nerf 1 shots and everything else is unlocked.

Then healing is useless

And burst damage deletes sustain anyway, because burst is ALWAYS faster even with no healing, but it’s also JUST AS reliable and consistent.

This is just a false narrative to get more free kills. Sustain will never outperform burst without consistency nerfs. In old OW days that was precisely the case - burst heroes had weaknesses and incomplete kits, so sustain heroes were meta.

And when sustain heroes were meta, healing was STRONGER than it is now.

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Untrue. Sustain is high and beats out healing.

Sustain and healing are directly opposed to each other - if you nerf sustain, you’d need to nerf healing to keep fights the same length. Sustain cannot be nerfed as it needs to be competitive with low investment 1 shots (hanzo/widow/doomfish). You do not need low investment 1 shots to kill people.

I’m almost certain they won’t implement it.

The amount of negativity around it is overwhelming.

Plus, jeff said it most likely will never go live.

I personally, like it a lot. Solo tanking is actually way more fun than I thought it would be. I 100% prefer it.

Also, if you think the reason tanks and supports get nerfed is “For the sake of the DPS”, then you clearly don’t understand how this game works at all.

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Overwatch is a game ruined by selfish tanks and even more selfish supports.

And I hate it, i don’t like it and i hate the game.

tantram tantram and a bit more tantram

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It is obvious that the developers and especially the “decision makers” only play in closed groups and not over the internet.

Tried it out last night and really enjoyed it

At that point this seems like to much bloody effort to just have bloody shorter qeue time while at the same time taking all off tank players to be forced to play main now cause thats the only option

They basically said it was mostly negative feedback, so it’s probably not going to happen.

I think the off-tank changes could be valuable if they were tuned correctly for the base game. Part of the issue with 222 is the lack of tank players, helping the off-tanks feel more viable or in-line with DPS in 222 could help draw off DPS into the role while still preserving their overall identity.

It’s not a stalemate because target prioritization is a thing that once upon a time existed in this game. Focused coordinated damage that powers through healing via some actual teamwork in this “team game.”

Not “I am entitled to always win a 1v3 against a tank with two healers” thing DPS mains push for nowadays.

Again, during meta Soldier, the highest point of sustained damage, healing was a lot stronger than it is now.


You miss a sniper shot, you shoot again. No resources spent, no need to readjust aim, nothing lost whatsoever. If something actually comes your way, burst DPS are always equipped with perfect means to deal with that without ever needing their teammates.

No, that’s not the reason. Here are the reasons:

  • AWP reloads after every shot, forcing readjustment of aim every single time (Widow only has to adjust aim on full reload, Hanzo NEVER has to adjust aim)
  • AWP is stupidly expensive, losing it once sets you back for basically the entire match and its resource gain is abysmal, like $125 for an entire ace (sup Hanzo, imagine if your ultimate gain was 95% lower than everyone else’s and you losing ALL of that upon death, being forced to gain it all back on someone else)
  • Sniper LOS has counterplay in form of flashback grenades and smokescreens
  • The AWP user has no ez mode “create distance or get to HG” buttons that immediately pull him out of unfavorable position, so they have to commit to it
  • Wallhacks are a bannable offense instead of a staple ability
  • If the AWP user is confronted up close, he doesn’t just pull out a better version of the AK himself (sup Hanzo mains still thinking they’re entitled to Storm Arrow)
  • AWP was NERFED several times over from 1.6 to CS:GO. Imagine that. Nerfs to one-shots.
  • Headshot hitboxes in CS don’t stretch out to the bloody shoulders

This is why, despite the AWP being the best weapon in CS still, you don’t see everyone using it. None of that exists in OW. You know which game you DO see everyone using sniper rifles in? Call of Duty. The 12 year olds who used to abuse sniper rifles there, confused that with skill, and turned into Widow mains here and now demanding the same kind of coddling.

Except 1-3-2 is an even more drastic change than 2-2-2 was. 2-2-2 did not require reworking 1/3 of the hero roster, 1-3-2 does.


Want to speak about the PTR mei nerf…

That’s riddiculous of a nerf. That’s a mini tiny miny smallest amount of nerf. This is what I am trying to say… DPS always gets away somehow. They don’t get nerfed even if they are ridiculously overpowered and obnoxious to play against… for months…

This game is meant for dps players… this ptr mei nerf proves it. sure go ahead bliz and add 3-2-1… I wont be any part of it, sorry.

I don’t actually understand. They literally said they weren’t adding it. There has been more negative feedback then positive.

It’s a test not a live patch

Not a definite answer. it means they are collection data.

But the real question is, WHY WOULDNT Blizzard want shorter queue times for its player base??

1-3-2 is the way to go if they want Role Queue.

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Never gave a definite answer. it means they are collection data.

They left it open ended. It is still possible.