For Jeff, please consider 7v7

I will say 64 players and we surpass battlefield, agree?

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OW2 is confirmed to get rid of 2CP.

What were the dps queue times?

Puh, got to search for the thread again. Could take a while.

12v12 would be just to much on these small maps. It would also cause WAY to much flashy crap all over. As is now 6v6 can get pretty bad if all 12 are fighting in a small area.

How about no? 5v5 is much better for that.

I really dislike 5v5 for a variety of reasons.

Make-believe, mostly.

1-3-2 was actually well received considering it was game changing and just tweaked the values for tanks based on changes that weren’t meditated enough, and simply did a value tweak for the most part.

As jeff said: anecdotal.

And you can’t really dislike something you haven’t tried. You can dislike the idea, though

And what makes you think 7v7 is better? more visual clutter and even more damage to delete tanks seem like a good thing to u?

They already answered that: they’d buff tanks and rework dps.

Which means the game would be called “overtime”.

I’d be more willing to solo tank and get buffs to be a raid boss than having to play against triple dps comps as a tank. Imagine playing against Doom, Sombra and Mei in the same composition? hell no.

same here. I’m heavily encouraging 1-2-2. I’ve been saying for quite some time that I preferred the 1-3-2 model, but 1-2-2 model feels even better to me when I think about it.

This has been my dream since RQ was implemented :+1:

One look at the class split of the roster makes this a no brainer imo - dps needs to outnumber tank/support to reflect this.

Those heavily into the e-sports aspect of the game prefer lower player counts though which is the common argument when this is brought up :man_shrugging:.

Another thing people say when this is brought up is that the OW1 maps are designed for 6v6 and adding 2 more players will affect the map flow, and if OW2 is utilizing the maps from both games that could be an issue.

Have also heard folks say the OW1 engine is incapable of 7v7 which I personally find to be a laughable excuse as someone working in tech.

Please. It’s by far the best solution for everyone.

5v5 would come not only to the horrible cost of Tank synergy and fewer interactions, but a smaller team size means fewer potential kills and fights. It’s already been tried in the community before and certainly for me, that is not a version Overwatch I ever want to play.

Agreed, even if it’s not a mode, would still be great as a fun option in custom games.

Tanks would get buffed to deal with the more incoming damage. Just like with the 1-3-2 experiment just on a smaller scale and without braking tank synergy and without trying to shoehorn reworks on to heroes to fulfill a job they never were meant to fulfill.

I said it in my entry post.

5v5 would suck, because you brake tank synergy and you could easily end up in a situation where there is that 1 tank which is clearly the best at all situations, which could mean a balancing nightmare.

Especially if you rework them all into being brawlers and they are all just mainly focused on offense. The one who get picks the easiest way will be picked all the time.

Not to mention any one player being dead weight or even having a leaver is way more detrimental in a 5v5 vs a 7v7. Because you lose 1/5 of your team instead of just 1/7.

That it adds more visual clutter is certainly a concern, but not something you couldnt work around. Making effects less flashy and more transparent with options for opacity sliders would make it more pleasing for the eye. Its a small price to pay for the benefits you would get out of it.

Also another thing which doesnt hold true from a math perspective. Having to deal with 2 dps you hate alone is worse than dealing with 3 dps you hate with 2 tanks available, while sharing the responsibility.

Tank synergy is why we have 2 “most played” tanks, because they cover eachother weaknesses. 1 tank cannot avoid being countered by another tank. And there’s not 1 tank that beats every other tank

You keep not wanting to understand that damage negating is why in reality losing one tank in 7v7 would be like losing 30-40% of your team effectively

Currently we have a situation where the 2 most played tanks change as you progress through the ranks.

Tanks gets reworked into brawlers. They will tone down damage negating in favor of doing damage and getting picks.

I feel like 7v7 might be too chaotic. But I do hope that they make it technically possible so we can try it out and see how it would be regardless of what I feel :slight_smile:

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