"but the majority likes 1-3-2"

2-2-2 is here because most games were 1-3-2 and no one liked that

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No im pretty sure the most common argument for 2-2-2 was not having their time wasted on a game where half the group was arguing over mercy and the other on genji.

That and even getting a single tank was a headache, or when someone does flex the moment they die and start complaining which would lead them to swaing on to dps or just leave the ranked game.

So we can’t insist the majority is for either side >: D

you obviously never solo tank, or you play those irresponsible tank

the funning thing is that majority of players would be indifferent as the vast majority of players are casual in nature and don’t care what really happens balance wise.

Doesn’t seem like the majority likes it. If they do, they aren’t speaking up enough.

Critisizes hypothetical guesswork statistics. :slightly_smiling_face:

States his own made up statistic. :upside_down_face:

Are you talking about role queue or 3-2-1 because I’m hella sure OW lost sh!t ton of dps players (majority of their playerbase) because of role queue. It’s the prime reason they are trying to please Dps players with this change. Incompetent devs that follow community instead of dictating us

Why do people think an OTP account with level 100 would be my only account…?

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There’s a big clue about all this in how the complainers against 2/2/2 seem to hold 2 simultaneous positions, from the same individual posters:

  1. 2/2/2 was unnecessary because every game had FlEx PlAyErS anyway so the comps were always well formed. 5 DPS + 1 grudging healer is a myth, we have lost freedom to play all these interesting comps!

  2. 2/2/2 is bad because the game is slow now, the game was better and “more skillful” because our matches were full of DPS, skillfully shooting each other with mice, but now there are tanks and healers, unskillfully holding W + M1 and ruining all our fun!

Wait isnt 1-3-2 the minority now? I mean a see more post about removing it rather than keeping it.
And i still dont have the chance to test it jet :frowning:

Losing DPS is hardly an issue, in fact it will just solve your queue problems. Losing the remaining supports and tanks is going to be an issue as the game has far less of those around. Making their roles even more unbearable is not going to solve anything - quite the contrary it will only serve to drive up DPS queue time.

See, the issue here is not actually DPS players. The issue is that most people find tanks and support extremely unfun to play. They should work on making Supports and Tanks fun to play - but they don’t.

Won’t somebody please invent a game where noone has all these abilities or tanking or healing, and we can just shoot each other with guns, that could really help a lot of players.

After all, mouse aiming is a completely new thing invented in Overwatch. That’s why it’s so hard and we must put it on this pedestal.

1 3 2 is off balance. 2 2 2 is perfect balance.

Dps heroes abilities are too strong to have them be the majority of the team.

On offence it would be too easy to have 2 flankers delete your backline with a sniper or brawler up front as diversion because we all know supports are not as capable as defending themselves against dps generally speaking support vs dps wins that fight.

On defense there will be 2 snipers and a midrange maybe even 3 snipers picking off everyone while leaving the tank and supports to fend for themselves. People dying on both sides.

These general scenarios are very bad on paper and in practice. 3 dps will be abused and it will be quick play all over.

The analogies about dropping the hammer or dipping your hanf in boiling water are true. You don’t need to have it haopen more than once to understand how bad it is. And we have played 1 3 2 and 1 4 1 MORE THAN ENOUGH to know the difference.

Good riddance to 1 3 2 waiting for it to be deleted just counting the days. It is old news and bad old news. Noone is selling anything new to me here. Just give up it’s terrible and belongs in quick play for very good reasons.

If it wasn’t an issue they wouldn’t be trying to fix it.

I don’t think dps queue times can get much worse, there’s hardly any tanks and supports around and thinking that number will drop to 0 is unrealistic.

That I can agree with, I love playing tanks and supports in paladins which is a similar game, tanking feels rewarding, healing and saving players feels rewarding, in ow? Not in the slightest, it feels like a chore most of the time.

Because you aren’t also looking at the rest of the game. While 3-2-1 is going on. I saw no increase in times for any other mode. Nor any decrease in DPS times either. You’d think with people testing, that would go down. Except in the first hour of launch. That can easily signal that people quickly quit exp. after a short time, or didn’t even bother playing it. That could be for various reasons. So if a good chunk of people didn’t bother. That counts as a failure of the test as well. It didn’t have enough draw for whatever reason.

i would quit overwatch if it went 321 for competitive.

3-2-1 feels so horrible. Playing any role. The ounce of teamwork that were, is now totally gone in 95% of all engages.

Tank get focused hard, supports focused hard. Every dps is all over the place, impossible to heal or protect (projected barrier aside), just trying to do their thing. Failing 50/50.
Its just chaos most of the time. Maybe some people like that, I truely hate it.

I love this game and love the synergies and teamwork.
3-2-1 just feels like a FFA brawl at the moment.

Def’ not the way to go in my oppinion.
The Hog and Zarya rework is nice. I bet even Roadhogs breather could fit in the Live version, if tweaked.
Zarya is way cool, but properly too OP on Live xD

I for one really hope this is a one-time thing on Exp.Card, and thats that.

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They literally altered this game in August 2019 and that was what introduced the DPS queues. You’re using games from a completely different genre to justify why the devs should not fix a problem that was itself the result of them “altering the game.”

Everything you said is irrelevant because you have the situation completely backward.

okay but heres a thought: blizzard is a corporation trying to make money.

they aren’t going to let “players leaving” be the solution.