So, I tried 1/3/2

Why wouldn’t you just say which tank is unstoppable and which is near unstoppable?

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You dont think blizz panders to the Chinese market??? Most companies do and blizz is no exception.

Played only a few rounds, some tanks still feel a little weak but overall tank gameplay is more interesting IMO. It’s fun to be the anchor and play with your team.

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lets try 3 farts 2 poops and 1 pee

You didn’t try very hard then.

Boycotts definitely don’t work. This is the kind of feedback that’s helpful, not “I never played it so here’s my theories as to why I wouldn’t like it”.

Jeff Kaplan said a couple days ago:

So luckily, it looks like they won’t make it to live… “But who knows”

Gonna be brave and strong and try a game I guess before I take a nap

Such an understatement. I hated only being able to focus on our tank, cause if they died it was game over. It’s not fun at all and it sucks watching your tank just destroyed.

Here’s my takeaway

Trying to wrangle all these DPS is literally impossible especially with DM

If I’m solo tanking why does D.Va still turn into pilot form or at the very least why is pilot form the same

What about solo tanking says “we should run away from our one tank heeeheee”


Yeah, I tried support too. What happened is I got called out for not healing by our Ashe who was nowhere to be found while our Genji was everywhere and my Reinhardt was dying despite me being chained to him giving him everything.

Like I said, if you believe they need to pander to the Chinese government for the market, you are entirely mistaken. You quite literally have no idea why they need to keep their servers running in that region of the world.

Its pure misery. I have to abandon the DPS and focus the tank. Which put a lot of pressure on me

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If he considers forum feedback in any way statistically valid I have lost a lot of faith in him

Thats the problem, basic math checks out. Blizzard when originally contemplating 2-2-2 said we at base can wait 10-15 minute extras for dps players and when the patch dropped live thats exactly what happened.

As for the balance problems we are talking about blizzard, they couldnt even balance 2-2-2 right and now they are hit with the shrinking player numbers so they have to do something to ease up the Quene system.

Their best bet would be the return of offense and defense class so that would effectively reduce Qtimes because you have less players to allocate now.

No. The problem is that the only thing you want to focus on is player ratios because it’s the only way 1/3/2 works. In every other capacity it’s a resounding failure.

I feel like this is an incredibly desperate and apathetic reason to advocate for anything.

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Player ratios are the very reason why 2-2-2 was a failure, they thought the playerbase will adapt but the playerbase just shrinks.

Matches havent got better with 2-2-2, you are still in the same game where players could just decide to not take any main tanks or go dps healer, the awaited miracle what suddenly fixes all losing games just did not happen.

Maybe but what else reason do you see why they are considering 1-3-2?

If the Q times wouldnt create any problems they would leave it as is and would ignore the complaints like how they ignored the mercy megathread.

The playerbase was already shrinking before 2-2-2 though. And this was at the time when quickplay and games ranked plat and below were chok-a-block with multi dps games. The freedom to play DPS didn’t prevent that from happening before and I doubt there’s any reason that would have suddenly changed.

I don’t understand what you’re talking about here and I’m pretty sure that’s because you have no idea what you’re talking about either. I think if you ask most tank and support players matches have gotten better. This thread alone seems to be full of people who would attest to that fact.

I don’t think anybody expected to never lose a game again, and I think the only people who expected any “miracles” were the sprinkling of people on the boards who seemed to have thought forcing 2 dps slots into professional play suddenly meant they were surely now headed for the pro leagues.

Considering Jeff himself said it was because of queue times? But I’m not talking about that, I’m referring to this outlook:

“It’s not like they ever managed to balance 2-2-2 so who cares if 1/3/2 is a mess. Something has to be done now, so we may as well do the first thing we came up with.”

The team themselves have admitted they failed to deliver the same kind of feedback rewards to healers and tanks that they did to DPS, so that could certainly be one place to look.

Many people have expected their games to be magically better with the introduction of 222. I still remember the many threads where people were saying to me how this will suddenly make their deadweight teammates into useful people.

This does not have that close ties to the main discussion but i wanted to show this aspect on why 222 also failed.

People excepted 3 things from it:

Fixing balance what didnt work out.
Fixing teammates what also didnt work.
Playing what you want what only worked partially because dps simply cannot play because of the huge times.

To be honest i dont think that 1-3-2 is a mess, just like 222 its only a mess because no balance was rolled out yet and people in general refuse to adopt in this game.

Heres the deal, healers are supposed to sustain but they are not supposed to sustain like in an mmo raid. Many people in OW expect the support to grant them near immortality like how would you expect from an endgame dungeon priest.

Tanks also arent supposed to be invincible masses of flesh but sturdy chars what take more damage to kill, this conflicts with what most people on the forums want tanks to do.

And finally dps only supposed to deal enough damage to deal with other dps and heals with ease and with a little more concentration on tanks.

In an ideal sceniario Soldier 76 kills a dps/heal with half a mag, whole mag if its pocketed by a healer and 1 and half mag if its a tank.

The idea is that each class have their jobs laid out but somewhere in who knows which patch we started to go into an mmo’ish balance where every class started to get buffed like they are supposed to work like WoW chars when this is a hero fps game. We never needed shields to be the meta, dps to reach unholy damage territory or heals to turn from sustain to “Stand in the middle of gunfire, you can take it.”.

I gotta say that at least for me, they kinda were. And they kinda still are. They were a vast improvement quality wise from before 2/2/2 for me personally. My only complaint with 2/2/2 is DPS queue times.


Honestly i lost the same amount of matches with the absolute chaos setups as with 222 setups so for me it didnt change anything.

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