Sad thing is bliz will implement 3-2-1 no matter what

They are reducing queue times to keep people wanting to play the game. That’s not catering to DPS, that’s catering to PLAYERS. Everyone benefits from shorter queues. If tank or support became a longer queue, they would try to fix that as well.

As for GOATS, they didn’t break goats to cater to DPS. They did it because 3/3 was getting incredibly stale. If one comp beats everything else then there’s no variety left.


But Jeff himself said they probably won’t due to the negative response. I think they should seriously bring it back with more changes because some of the community loves and it seems like it would fix queue times. Obviously, they need to ensure that tanks and Ana/Zen are viable, so they would be given special attention in the future balancing of 3-2-1

Also, I know this isn’t the right answer for this thread, but they sort of should be catering to DPS a bit. That’s by far the largest pool of players in Overwatch and 10 min queue’s are unexceptable. If 3-2-1 eliminates that, then they should balance it and look at adding it into the game

Highly doubtful Blizzard will ever go with the 132 format.

Exactly. I hope that this version of 132 doesn’t go to live like the rest of us, but I don’t think they should give up on it wholesale. I think if they worked on it in experimental for a few months with players and balanced across ALL 30+ heroes, we would achieve something great for all players in all roles.

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I don’t expect it to go live, but i’m gonna be honest, when i read that ‘‘But who knows’’ coming from Jeff, i got a little scared.

He doesnt know if it will go live.

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No he didn’t. His statement basically amounted to “we are considering it”

He admitted the negativity seemed anecdotal. Then he lauded on the improved queue times. He summarized that it MIGHT not go live due to negativity (which is anecdotal). And finished with “we’ll see”.

To me the game is such a mess like this, just like trudging through the old days.

My personal view is that I’ve had the most fun in 2-2-2 while also understanding that DPS queue times were not fun at all.

If this is the solution though…yeah I know I’ll probably end up playing way less often unless me a and a few friends want to run around on dps again.

Playing solo tank and getting hard focused with very little back up or an off tank to assist sucks.

Playing support and getting flanked constantly and getting complains of lack of healing when everyone is spread out on the map isn’t fun.

Playing dps though, sure it makes the game more like a “fps”, allowing maps to be opened up to multiple routes.

But it’s rather like death match on a larger map. I like OW because it’s not just another FPS. There are literally so many of those games I could Pooh the randomly at a shelf in a game store and with my eyes closed and will be more likely to land on one than not.

I don’t have high hopes for 2-2-2 staying and expect that this will happen if nothing else because of queue times. The devs just don’t have any other viable solution to reducing them for DPS.


I think that Blizzard knew that it wouldn’t go live, and only put it on the experimental card to show people that it wasn’t a solution. Making off-tanks into main tanks warped their identity in an odd direction. Instead of becoming more tanky, they became more dps orientated. I’ve been a tank main a long time, and these changes have just made tanks fatter dps. Free shatters and bombs all around. Last point Zarya, constantly bubbling ults. Sombras, shutting down the one tank and making them useless over and over. Team with the best snipers win even harder now. Worst experience as tank player for me, and I’ve played since beta.

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Let’s hope.
(20 Please Papa Jeff’s)

It doesn’t matter if they implement 3-2-1, it just matters if they replace 2-2-2 with it, which I think there’s a 0% chance that they’ll do that. We’ll likely get 3-2-1 as a new card/variation of QP/comp

Actually this could be a decent compromise.

GG balance team always having to keep up with both though…

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try waiting 12 minutes to get into a game while tank you get in in 10-30 seconds. dps queues were horrible and you know it.

Which is why you just make it an alternative to QPC. Make it so, you can queue for either or.

If that was the case, well then changes such as 3/2/1 wouldn’t have been considered by the devs in the first place… :man_shrugging::man_shrugging:

Quick Play is supposed to be chaotic, not Competitive. If you like that kind of gameplay, there are other game modes for that :slight_smile:

Chaos doesn’t mean disorganization in the friendly team, it’s about CREATING chaos for the other team. Deathballs only get disorganized when a couple giant ults fly in, and then they congeal back to a ball. Doesn’t sound interesting to me

Idk of you know this but 1-3-2 was PRIMARILY made for DPS queue times. The buffs were for tanks who didnt seem fit for solo tanking
(looking at you Roadhog)

Balancing would come later. I wouldnt be hard judging them especially when theyll do things that even they are unsure about. That could be buffs nerfs and even Reworks for troublesome hereos

Please… for every half decent suggestion there is 99 that are pure garbage.

and yes, they do know better than this forum, 100% no doubt, they have the numbers.

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I disagree. If you want my feedback (and a positive one) I can only base it on my game experience… and if it’s ruined because of the lack of balancing what can I do? Should I imagine how could it be if it were perfect and say that I want 1-3-2 because I trust them to change things that they’re currently not changing, not only in the experimental card, but even in the game (Baptiste etc.)? I’m not such naive. I can only base my feedbacks on what I see, and if they want better feedbacks they have to show me good changes. This is how should work any single feedbacks system.

The reason why tanks and supports get heavier nerfs than dps heroes is because tanks and supports are much more impactful than dps. Them being too strong or too weak creates very little flexibility. Every meta the game has ever had has been decided by them this is how the game works.

Also the experimental card doesnt have direct nerfs for anybody. The point of this card is to experiment with one tank of course they are going to get changes.