[🍰] Halfbaked DoubleBarrier idea

Just occurred to me how DoubleBarrier would be a lot less useful against SingleBarrier if Orisa and Sigma primary attacks reflected off of barriers at random angles.

I think she just needs weaker fortify and halt in exchange for pre 2-2-2 barrier.

Sig needs shorter grasp and the ability to cancel it and that’s it I think.

I think I took that approach a lot of steps further.

[✅] Abbreviated Tank Changes

I want to try just the Orisa/Sig changes first and see how that plays out. I think that is all that is needed to break double barrier as long as Orisas abilities are not stronger than her shield.

Would it make sense to design orisa/sigma to be more like Rein? What rein lacks in self sustain and long range spam dmg he makes up for with strong close range dmg and a high hp barrier. Doing the same with orisa/sigma seems like a way to make it less viable to run them together or with rein.

Still don’t believe that nerfing the wrong hero into oblivion is the answer to double barrier. Why do you want to nerf fortify so bad? If she dies any faster in double shield, she will be obliterated as a solo tank.

Not really sure what that would mean, unless it’s something like making it so they can’t shoot through friendly barriers.

Basically it would mean a nerf to sigma kenetic grasp and his range and a buff to his barrier and primary dmg. An attempt to turn him into more of a main tank. Less of an off tank.

Tbh i think orisa is fine. I think sigma is the main concern. Idk what his range is now but it might be too much if he were to be changed to a main tank.

Stronger barrier will enable bunker comps with Hog or D.Va