21.4 Live Known Issues

Hello all,

We wanted to let you know about some known issues we are tracking with patch 21.4. We will continue to update this post as we get more information.

  • We’re aware of a visual bug where Rewards Track progress is not being shown. The XP is still being earned and tracked, but we are working on fixing the visuals to match.

  • (Resolved 10/13): Some players had their Battlegrounds rating reset after downloading the patch. We have addressed the problem causing this issue, and are continuing to investigate next steps for those impacted. Update: We have now restored Battlegrounds ratings for players who had their ratings reset after the 21.4 patch went live yesterday. The ratings were reset to what they were at 9:59 a.m., Pacific (immediately before the patch went live).

  • (Updated 10/14): We’re tracking and investigating miscellaneous connectivity, server, and performance issues. Update: This was further addressed in today’s patch and will be something that we continue to address whenever we can.

  • We’re aware that players are unable to purchase multiple Mercenaries packs at once with Gold. This issue will be fixed in an upcoming patch.

  • (Resolved 10/14): We are investigating an issue with players getting stuck in the Mercenaries tutorial. Update: These issues have now been resolved.

  • (Resolved 10/14): We are also investigating issues with leaderboards not updating properly. Update: We have resolved the issue as to all game mode Leaderboards.

  • (Resolved 10/14): We’re aware that the 21.4 update is not showing for some Google Play users. For those users, we have a suggested workaround: go to Google Play → open your profile icon in top right → open “Manage apps & device” → select “Updates available” → select “Update All.” We believe that should cause the update to appear on your devices. Update: The 21.4 update should now show for all Google Play users.

  • (Resolved 10/13): We’re aware of and working on a fix for an issue where task #5 for Mercenaries at level 30 (complete a bounty while at level 30) is not completable. Update: Today’s hotfix resolves this issue.

  • (Resolved 10/14): We’re aware of and working on a fix for a bug causing the game to lock whenever a player clicks on their Mercenaries PVP rewards. Update: This issue is should now be resolved for all players.

  • (Resolved 10/19): We’re aware that Jaina’s Ice Block Talisman Equipment is not working as intended. The fix for this Equipment is in an upcoming patch, expected within the next week. Update: This issue was resolved in patch 21.4.3.

  • (Updated 10/19): We are investigating reports that ratings are not being calculated properly in Ranked Legend and Battlegrounds. Update: This issue was resolved as to the Ranked ladder in patch 21.4.3. We have a plan in place to fix the issues with the Battlegrounds ladder, scheduled to go live tomorrow. Battlegrounds Ratings Correction Tomorrow

  • (Resolved 10/19): We are investigating reports that players on certain devices are not able to access any new mode (such as Mercenaries) that would require the player to go through a tutorial. Our initial investigation has found a workaround that appears to work for those affected by this issue: enter the mode on another device and complete the tutorial; after doing that, you should be able to enter and play the mode on your original device. Update: This issue was resolved in patch 21.4.3

  • (Updated 10/19): We are aware and working on a fix for the fact that certain Mercenary tasks either can’t be completed, or aren’t completed as written (because the task text does not match the in-game text). Update: Specified fixes were made in 21.4.3. Some remaining tasks will be addressed in a future update.

  • (Resolved 10/19): We are aware that Quests cannot be completed in Casual mode at this time and are investigating the issue. Update: This issue was resolved in Patch 21.4.3

  • (Added 10/21): We have returned the “Legendary Mercenary” product to the shop with additional language stating exactly how many Mercenary Coins you will receive if you purchase the product when you already own all Legendary Mercenaries. Players that own all Mercenaries, but are missing base Portraits, may receive a base Portrait instead of the Coins. Note that this product is intended to help fill out your collection of Mercenary Cards, and that there are other upcoming products that are intended for players who are more interested in obtaining Coins or additional Portraits.

  • (Added 10/22): We are aware that there is a rare visual bug that can occur if you purchase the “Coin Purse” Mercenaries products and randomly get the same set of coins multiple times. It will appear that you only got the set of coins once, but the proper amount of coins will display on your account if you log out and log back in.

See here for previously documented known issues with the 21.4 patch: 21.4 Launch Day Known Issues


10/13 Update: We are currently in the process of deploying a server-side hotfix to all regions that will address the following issues:

  • Resolves an issue where the Task 5 of each Mercenary couldn’t be completed.
  • Resolves an issue where players were getting blocked in the tutorial, at the portion where they are taught how to upgrade Abilities (we are still working on the problem with the Merchant Cart blocking tutorial progress).
  • Resolves the issue of accounts freezing up when clicking on the PVP reward for players who have played Mercenaries. Players who play the Mercenaries mode for the first time after the hotfix will still face the problem. A wider, permanent solution for all players and new accounts is being added to a client patch expected to go out within the next week.
  • Addresses some Mercenaries performance issues.


10/14 Update: We are currently in the process of deploying a patch to all regions that includes the following fixes and updates:

  • Fixes a bug that blocked players from building a Merchant Cart and completing the tutorial.
  • Corrects the following Equipment’s effects to match their text: The Lich King’s Helm of Domination, Tyrande’s Band of the Wild, and Malfurion’s Liferoot Staff.
  • Fixes Gul’dan’s Staff of Chaos so that it no longer improperly triggers while Gul’dan is on the Bench.
  • Fixes a bug that impacted Leaderboards for all modes.
  • Reduces the frequency of Diamond card emotes.
  • Finishes resolution of bug causing crashes when players click to see Fighting Pit rewards.
  • Improves overall system efficiency and reduces crashes.
  • Changes it so that your Task Board now fully refills all empty standard slots each day (2-4, depending on if you have upgraded your Campfire), instead of refilling 2 each day.


10/19 Update: We are in the process of deploying a hotfix patch (patch 21.4.3) that includes the following updates:
• Fixed a bug affecting Ranked Legend external ratings (internal ratings were not affected by the bug).
• Fixed a bug causing Daily and Weekly Quests to be unable to be completed in Casual mode.
• Fixed a bug preventing the Bloodsail Deckhand discount from carrying over after a Celestial Alignment was played. Now, if you play Bloodsail Deckhand and then either player plays Celestial Alignment, the first weapon you play will cost 0.
• Fixed a bug where Southsea Scoundrel sometimes did not count as a Battlecry effect.
• Fixed a bug that blocked a small number of players from entering the Mercenaries mode using specific devices.
• Fixed certain Mercenaries Tasks that could not be completed as written: King Mukla’s Task 9; Cairne Bloodhoof’s Task 2; Antonidas’s Task 3; and Baron Geddon’s Task 10.
• Fixed a bug where dealing Critical Damage to Jaina prevented her Ice Block Talisman from triggering.
• Increased the spawn rate of furbolgs in the Winterspring area.

10/19 Update 2: correction to the bug fix regarding Southsea Scoundrel.
10/19 Update 3: correction to spelling of “furbolgs”; removed language from last week referring to a patch “next week.”


10/21 Update: We have loosened the matchmaking parameters for the Fighting Pit. This means that, on average, players will have shorter queue times and will face fewer A.I. opponents.


10/22 Update: We are currently in the process of rolling out a hotfix that makes the following adjustments to Mercenaries:

• We are adjusting the appearance rate of Mysterious Stangers to be based on the relative level of the strongest Mercenary in your party compared to the suggested level of the Bounty. This move is to encourage people towards more engaging gameplay instead of repeatedly taking on low-level Heroic Bounties with highly over-leveled Parties.
• We are fixing issues that prevented the following Tasks from being completed as written: Sylvanas’s Task 17, Scabbs’s Task 14, War Master Voone’s Task 14, Grommash’s Task 12, Baron Geddon’s Task 14, and Mutanus’s Task 9.


10/26 Update: We deployed a small server-side hotfix today to address an issue preventing Mercenaries MMR from properly adjusting after players lose a game at 0 MMR (such as players who lost their first-ever Fighting Pit game). The patch also prevents a hack that allowed players to cheat more than 6 Mercenaries into their Party. This is our last planned hotfix for the 21.4 patch cycle. Look out for future updates in the 21.6 Patch Notes, coming later this week, ahead of next week’s patch!

10/26 Update 2: We have temporarily disabled Toki from Battlegrounds due to a bug with some of her skins. We are preparing a fix and will reenable her once we are able to get the hotfix in to correct the bug.

10/26 Update 3: We’ve rolled out a server-side hotfix that addresses exploits in the Fighting Pit rewards system that players were abusing through wintrading. Going forward, wins will only count towards Fighting Pit daily rewards if you defeat three or more enemy Mercenaries. This change will not affect how MMR is calculated after a win, regardless of how many enemies were defeated.

Separately, we see that many players are excited about Mercenaries. We wanted to let you know that we are working on a bigger Mercenaries communication update that we have planned for next week.


10/27 Update: We are in the process of deploying a server-side hotfix that:

  • Fixes a bug that prevented players from claiming Mercenaries seasonal rewards if you passed the ranking threshold for that reward from a game where your opponent conceded too quickly. Note: this fix will not retroactively grant the seasonal awards to people who were affected by this bug. The team will manually grant those awards to the affected people at a later time. (11/1 Update: This retroactive grant of seasonal rewards has now been completed.)
  • Fixes the bug that caused some Toki Battlegrounds skins to have an Attack value. Once the hotfix has been deployed, Toki will be added back into the Battlegrounds Hero Pool.


10/28 Update: After watching the data since our October 26 update, we are currently rolling out an update to the Fighting Pit rewards system. Going forward, wins will count towards Fighting Pit daily rewards if you defeat one or more enemy Mercenaries, instead of three. We believe this will continue to curb the unacceptable wintrading behavior while also allowing players to be awarded for legitimate games that are decided early. We will continue to monitor the data to see if any further changes will be needed going forward.


11/1 Update: We have now completed the rollout of the correction for players who were unable to claim any Mercenaries reward tiers due to the bug in the October 27 hotfix. Players received compensation in the form of Mercenaries Packs, based on the reward tier(s) they passed and were unable to claim on that date. As previously noted, the bug causing this problem has already been resolved, so we do not anticipate any further issues with these rewards being unable to be claimed.


Is anyone aware that many people, including myself, have not received the 15 merc packs from the WOW 6 month sub?


Also not aware of the deadend when getting disconnected and not being able to build the merchant cart? Multiple People are now stuck there and cant progress.


Hey! We’re aware of this, and are expecting those packs to be distributed to eligible players later today.


Hey! I hope you are aware about this as well:
“I completed the first Bounty, and was in the process of upgrading Tyrande’s powers, when I was disconnected, and now am just stuck at the Tavern and cannot scroll through my collection or progress any further.”
Thank you!


exactly the same issue … any luck solving this?


There are a bug that blocked you on the house of mercenaries

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I can’t even open mercenaries - in the main menu, it has a blue outline, when I click on it - simply does nothing.
I can play other game modes, only new one cant ):


Is anything being done regarding Diablo and Lich King’s excessive voice lines?


I have apparently put on my newb hat and failed the tutorial. I arrived at Cap’n Hogger with all but two of my mercenaries dead, and cannot beat Hogger. Also can’t start the tutorial over again, or move past in any other way. Mercenaries mode is unusable for the moment for me.

Am I missing something that I can do to reset it, or just need to wait until an update?


Yeah, there are plans to adjust that.


Nothing about the packs containing only coins / pity timer not existing for legendary portraits?


Is there anything those affected by the Battlegrounds bug should do to? Should we stop playing?

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I’m just stuck on reconnecting in the main menu, can’t even play other game modes, is the entire server down or is it just a me thing?

Thank you! And how about Mercenaries packs only containing coins? I’ve opened 50 packs with only coins.


Theres a visual bug for Task 2 for Jaina. It says deal 85 damage using heating up, which is baron geddon’s ability, and in actuality is damage from one of her normal abilities (not sure which one, not water elemental however.)


Hey Roland, this may not necessarily be an issue. It is the intended behavior that some of your packs will be all coins, particularly after you’ve opened enough packs to own all the open-able Rare mercs (which can be as low as within the first 30-ish packs).

Here’s the article explaining how Mercs packs work: https://us.battle.net/support/en/article/32545


Thank you for responding. Here is a snip from that article:

One item per pack will always be a Mercenary Card and adhere to the rarity guidelines below, and this will always be a Mercenary that you don’t own until you own all Mercenary Cards of that rarity. Once you own all the Mercenary cards of a rarity, you will obtain Mercenary Portraits of that rarity, instead.

Here is another snip:

You will not obtain the same Mercenary Portrait until you own all the Mercenary Portraits for that Mercenary. Once you own all the Portraits for a Mercenary, you can obtain a second copy of a Mercenary Portrait, which will automatically be converted into Coins of that Mercenary: 50 coins for Rare, 75 coins for Epic, and 100 coins for Legendary Mercenaries.

I do not own even close to all rare Mercenary Portraits (and if I do it’s not displaying them as owned). Furthermore, I’ve opened ~50 packs in a row now that are all coins. I didn’t even get one of the 5 missing legendary mercs in those 50 packs. Now, I know the pity timer isn’t published, but I’ve never seen it go higher than 40 packs.

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My game is stuck at the menu loading, the hearthstone box just turns forever

Hey, thanks for flagging and sorry you got stuck. The team is looking into these issues.