Mysterious Stranger Change (Worst nerf in history)

People want to compete in PvP. In a competitive mode, even at low ranks, people care about having the best chance at winning so if some people are doing this hardcore grinding other people are gonna feel pressure to do that too.

It’s also 18 tasks per merc so it’s 40*18/28 which works out to just under 26 weeks which is half a year. People are not going to want to wait that long to be competitive in PvP. On top of that you can get day after day of lower reward tasks and/or tasks for mercs you don’t plan on using making things feel like they’re taking way too long to progress. If you’re just interested in casual play then that’s fine but to compete in PvP you need every edge you can get and waiting 6 months to do so isn’t reasonable when there’s a way to get that a lot faster

I’ll bet Blizz is regretting they allowed Standard Ladder to be climbed to Legend with cheap F2P quest decks.

They are recouping their losses in Mercenaries, by making the free heroes F tier, and the top-end P2W.

People need to relax a bit I think. If you want a game where you can access top level play upon installing the game, go play RTS or FPS honestly. This is like the worst possible format to be entitled in.


As soon as there’s a possible competitive aspect to it people are going to want to be the best at it or emulate the best at it to give the best shot at doing well. You’re never going to convince people to just relax and accept not being competitive in a competitive game.

People feel like something was taken away from them because it unquestionably was. This was something that for a few days they had a video advertising it in the launcher. They knew people were doing it, they put a video in the launcher that explains it then took it away from people with a bad explanation and nothing to replace it. People were doing this because they needed to do it to compete and now they have to replace it with something that takes longer.

The whole point of farming and improving your mercs is to actually perform better in PvP.

If not, what would be the point to improve your teams ? To grind the boring PvE content faster ? And for what reason would you want to do that ?

Ultimately I think it’s reasonable for people trying to get rid of the grind ASAP so they can enjoy the game.

That’s what I’m doing rn, getting all the mercs to at least task 7 done.

I think progressing IS the only fun to the game.

No matter the meta, Hearthstone has the fun appeal in the flashy cards and voice lines, in addition to building a collection.

Mercs is just inanimate portraits knocking together, and the spells resolve very quickly and aren’t flashy and impressive (albeit efficient). You only get sound bytes on diamond back Legendaries…

There is some fun in being able to experiment with different comps for higher end PvE stuff that you can’t do without a lot of grinding either. I can’t just throw together an ice comp to go against heroic garr for example without a lot of grinding beforehand

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We got here our typical troll that want some reaction from the internet, commonly call attention wh*re. So here some attention for you my friend.

Now stop talking because obviously you know nothing about this mode.

i just want them to fix whatever is causing some people to d/c on pvp
yep i got the win but i want to play vs other players…but its seems something goes wrong when tryingn to start a game

i had several games end before they started

i mean before i even got to play a merc!

what’s your MMR ? perhaps they expected to play against a bot and instant conceded when they saw it was a real player.

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its low
was below 2000 at the time and im at 3000 now
and i didnt get to play a single game until i was at 3000

currently on 8000 was thinking to climb to 10.000 or drop down to 1000.
bot match up seem to give more value.

Only one line of code ruined “three years’ work” Merc mode, good job Blizzard. Now both PVP and PVE are totally ruined.

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To clarify: Play how we want you to, not how you want to.


Did 12 potential mysterious strangers interactions yesterday, 5 of them were in Blackrock Mountain, the others were various levels of Heroic from level 15 to 25.

Only received 1 task in my 12 interactions.

I noticed too my mysterious stranger rate seemed very low.

I just decided to stop the game. I was having fun completing tasks, now i’m just endlessly retiring runs. I’ve never felt so much frustration in a game before, even in mobile games that are clearly pay to win.


And Dev/Community manager just pretend to dead until now.

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Actually, they troll around on Twitter all the time. They won’t reply to anything serious though. It feels like some of their employees do a lot of tweeting while “under the influence” of something (i.e. drunk). That, or maybe they are told to not to reply to certain questions?


I can see the results of their presence on these forums as well, but they don’t actually participate in them or seem to delve into any of the content within.

But, they did add a bunch of new stuff in the shop to try and sell us.

All in USD

$10 for 300 coins for Jaina
$25 for Lich King and 20xMerc pack
$30 for 2xRandom Legendary and 30xMerc pack
$3 for Epic Coin Purse (3x200 coins for random Epic Mercs)

What a joke, I am wondering the shareholders are so okay with these trolls?

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It’s kind of surprising this was hot fixed while there are still other obvious bugs and things yet to be updated at all.

I’m also wondering, how does it make me want to buy coins or packs when all I am after now is tasks? It just seems to be a totally self defeating principle. Now I’m playing less and not paying at all.