Another Stealth Casual Nerf?

Daily Quests can no longer be advanced in Casual Mode. Not cool Blizz. Not cool.

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It’s a bug, and they’re working on it:

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And what will happen to the dailies that I’ve missed out on because my log was full? Casual players get f-ed over AGAIN I suppose?

Ranked doesn’t exist ?

Is there a bug that prevents you from queuing into ranked ?


Of course I can complete it on Ranked. In fact, I’ll just go to Wild (which I never play), queue up and afk my way through the three games. Well done, Blizz. You’re wasting my time and in order to get the quest completed, you’re wasting another player’s time.

But my dailies have been piling up and not advancing and so now that I noticed something is wrong, I’ve missed out on dailies because my quest log was full. I think I ought to be compensated for that… but probably won’t. Another case of Casual Mode players getting screwed over AGAIN.

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I do my quests in wild usually because I have no stake in winning there, so when I make a deck of all frost spells that does nothing (which I think used to be an actual mage deck) but stall I don’t care.

Nothing… you were free to do them in any rank mode - classic, standard, or wild. I’m certain you aren’t trying to make legend in all three, so it wouldn’t matter to roll a few games to knock them out.

But I was also free to do them in Casual, which I typically do. But this time Blizzard made that impossible. By the time I discovered the problem, I had missed out on dailies. And I think I ought to be compensated for their mistake. But I probably won’t.

Definitely won’t.

I get where you are coming from, but there were avenues available to work around the issue without much difference.

On good note , i can now advance certain quest in merc mode when i could not before :wink:

They’ll fix it , Hs so far , is the most reliable team out of all blizzard gamers , lets give them a chance tbh :frowning:

Look at d2r and wow censorship team … hs is the better team atm out of all of them , maybe the OW team is on par with them , but i dont play to know enough>?

on your topic tittle you tell us you knew you couldnt complete in casual
so you know you couldve complete them on wild /standard ranked …and now you want to be compensated for quests you choose not to complete …

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They should totally give you your next month at half price…

You musta missed that the HS team has censored many cards over the last few years, and as a part of the last patch, changed Finkle Einhorn’s name.

Screw this “woke culture” BS.

Pronouns have no place in an email signature.

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But only if I already knew what the issue was and was carefully tracking quest progress (or lack thereof).

You have a misunderstanding of the situation. I was not aware that my quests were not progressing until well after the bug manifested itself. And I certainly was not aware why it was happening (I originally thought it was a stealth nerf to Casual mode). So by the time I realized how to work around THEIR bug, I had missed out on dailies because my log was full.

But I would grant you the point on the weekly I also missed out on today because I could not complete the spend 500 mana in time, since I didn’t realize it wasn’t ticking up for two days. That said, I’d take some responsibility for that one, since if I really, really committed, I could have played a lot last night and knocked it out.

So yes, I think I ought to be compensated for the 2 lost dailies, but maybe not for the lost weekly.

Because I typically play other modes, I track my quests very closely so I can get them done and over.

Also, you get a notification of quest progress after each match…if you don’t see one, something isn’t moving.

Yeah… there’s definitely the opportunity to track them closely. I just rarely follow that closely. And on my mobile device, the progress notification actually only stays up for like a second. But for sure it’s there. I guess it seems like it shouldn’t be incumbent upon the player to notice the bug early enough AND understand the cause just to be able to mitigate the impact of the issue. It should be incumbent on the developers to have a sufficient QA/QC system. But generally, I think we’re on the same page here. Blizz ought to have gotten it right the first time, but didn’t. And they ought to compensate with make up quests, but almost surely will not.

While I agree that they won’t I also disagree that they should.

This bug was widely known early after the patch and information was put out to inform players of the issue and their intent to solve it.

I thought that was a feature…

They are not a victim and I find it odd and off putting that you would use that term in this context.

They are a capable adult who overlooked a detail. In this respect, both parties did the same thing - an inadvertent mistake.

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I’ll delete the comment. I was only joshing you. I agree with what you’re saying. :slight_smile:

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Oh, wow… that’s dumb. Always reminded me of Ace Ventura! I guess that’s why it got edited? Beast got cancel cultured lol.

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