Win Trade Hotfix (Mercs)

I have not seen any formal statement and I am curious as well.

wintrading hotfix notes

— geyuan6#HS deck from CN# (@geyuan6_hs) October 27, 2021

All this issues are starting to piss me off…
Now i cant get any rewards because my opponent will concede after they losse 2 mercs…

How do you end up punishing legit players trying to fix win trading unreal…
People are still win trading left and right but now i cant get any pvp chests because my opponent will concede on me every time they start to losse…

So fun…

Even Kripp is calling this out.

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Where’s the Blue text from originally, the part that’s screenshot into the Tweet?

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the link on your post is weird and give 404 result, so i repost it.
[?s=20 on the link makes it give broken result]

So no one has seen the original blue text source?

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It’s in the bug report forum, buried at the bottom of a wall of text by GnomeSayin

Wow, they’re editing/added it to a 15 day old post instead of posting new so you’d have to actually know to look there since it won’t show on the Blizz tracker.

I want to like Blizzard, I REALLY do, but why are they like this? Why are they so actively anti-customer? People shelled out more money for pack in MERCS than a 6 month sub in WoW & the retail cost of D2R combined and still they do this?

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that thread been used to keep us updated on any issues fixes since the 21.4 patch was released …whats wrong with that
they havent released any patches after that one

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Editing an existing post sends out ZERO notifications to the board unless you happen to be watching that specific post. Other games add new posts when a hotfix is pushed out, which is the more transparent way to do it. Also, putting hotfixes in the “bug” forum when they aren’t bugs, just things about people’s playstyle Blizzard doesn’t like, is misleading.

Blizzard needs to be MUCH more transparent with the way they edit their games, especially when it impacts rewards people get. Many people playing have no idea why they aren’t getting rewards in PvP because they have no idea the rules were changed requiring one player to have lost three cards for rewards to be issued. How/why would they know to check the “known issues” forum post from 15 days ago to scroll to the bottom of the wall of text to see an edit was made?


were players really win trading that much? jeez
people keep abusing the system and ruining it for everyone else.

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ehh its on the bug forum with the words known issues …and the word “live” in its tittle
doesnt the word LIVE mean it will keep updated with any issues /bug found and or the fixes ?

You’ve giving Blizzard too much credit here, they need to do better.

well its been a long time since we had a community manage keeping us updated on any fixes they release or the ones they are working on

for some reason you dont like this

I thought the point of the mailbox was so they could notify people of in game changes without them having to dig around for it. Thus far they’ve made 2 significant changes to mercenaries (both making it harder to get rewards BTW) and neither has had notifications in the mailbox making it really easy for players to accidentally waste a bunch of their own time if they didn’t go to forum, reddit, or twitter. What has gotten sent to the mailbox are bundle updates that already get advertised by a big exclamation point over the store.

This change really frustrates me. It opens the door for griefing and hurts legit players which makes people less likely to play what would otherwise be a very good game

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You know that’s worse right? That they’ve been doin it this way for awhile? Not announcing fixes/changes in a way people can easily see them?

Mercs had a cross promo with WoW which likely brought in new people not used to Hearthstone burying hotfixes in an edited posts. I don’t like it and a lot of other people don’t like it. I’ve even see long-term posters here complaining about it.

It’s a bad practice and I can’t fathom why you are trying to justify it.

a post by a ablue is easy to follow

It’s an edit to a 15 day old post on forums very few users visit when they have a mailbox in the mode that can be used to deliver notices of hotfixes and changes to the mode that they teach the user about in game.


its on the bug forum on a thread created by a blue with the last big patch version on the tittle and the word “live” is letting people know to check for updates on it…

Most players don’t go there. Every mercenaries player does go to the mercenary village and build the mailbox though

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I cane back to try this mode, spent all my hard earned gold only for them to change the rules of the game

We all should be refunded