Mercenaries Matchmaking

I´ve heared rummors about your epic matchmaking.

I am kinde dumb so can some blizz employee explain to me how exactlly perfect balanc MM when my party 2x30 4x20 facing 6x 30?

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i am not blizz employe, but can i try to explain it with my limited knowledge and not really accurate information ?

at least you can get general gist of it.
at least i can feel the border of the matchmaking system by playing it everyday.

the matchmaking are fair, until they change it 24 hour ago.
you can now bash super weak team of other player.

They did this in response to the fact that you could farm AI opponents to level low-level mercs. They want to force you to play how they want you to, not how you want to.

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Ah thx i didn´t check that change. Yeah i use “pvp” only to lvl chars. Bcs there is no other reasson to fight against bots for 0 rewards or Xyrella/Samuro bots.

Well goodbye “pvp”