The mystery visitor does not come out

The problem is that I no longer get mysterious visitors in the wastelands, heroic mode, in the surprise event, specifically in the contracts of level 8, 10 and 15.
I have been farming a lot in those contracts and suddenly I stopped leaving, I have already taken an indecent amount of attempts and it does not come out it cannot be bad luck statistically it is impossible, if there is a visitor limit that I can leave by contract I would like me to could clarify. Or if it is not the reason it is an error. Thanks.

yeah same it feels like its a stealth nerf thats been implemented like 3-4hrs ago
please someone else confirm if this is true

10 times and dont appear in heroic lv 25 ,28, it is hard nerf xd

They posted a note in the 21.4 live known issues thread

I was 0-10 getting one in the wastelands. 0-3 in in Winterspring and 1-2 in Black o’clock.

Appears they didn’t just nerf it, they nuked it.

Now grinders have to play more rounds for a lessor shot to get one. I’m just waiting for my free ones that will probably all not be for the heroes I don’t care about. 70% of my hero’s are lvl 30, so this is unattainable for me to get the ones to task 7, that I haven’t already.

I got 4 or 5 out of 6 or 7 tries running normal winterspring Avalanchan bounty.

not saying that they didn’t make a mess of this change, especially doing so with a mostly unannounced hotfix.

Just went 1-0 there. Too bad I picked Velan and his task 10. “Defeat 40 demons.” Know if I only knew a decent place to find them.

You could use Tamsin to summon her demon and have Velen kill it :wink:
Take a healer with you to heal up the enemy or your other mercs so you can take as long as it takes :wink:

The last map of felwood has a lot of demons

Thanks. I just completed it with stage 4 off Elwood ‘Xaravan.’ The 1st and 2nd round have demons who summon demons. One summoned itself if it survive an attack. Slayed 30 in one round.

blizzard can literally put quests into packs now … killed the game once again kekw

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