Mercenaries are dead now / Bliz nerf the only way to farm

Mercenaries are dead now / Bliz nerf the only way to farm

What is that headline? Felwood 6 is even more efficient and can be farmed the same way…
Like its just wrong to claim there was only one way to farm, when there is an even more efficient way still available…

You maybe missed at elementary… So I will explain to you that 5 encounters is more than 2 encounters. + Encounters take two rounds. Barren take one round. So felwood is 10 rounds and barrens 2 rounds (don´t even mentioned restarts when barren can be just one round)

That means felwood takes more time. More time mean less (much less remember? 10 more than 2) efficient. Got it now? Thats my boy.

you get better rewards when conceding felwood, you had many rounds without full campfire… so u had a lot spare time in barrens… felwood gives ms more frequently cause of the higher level…
so overall you get better rewards and faster ms… all in all its just still very efficient way to farm and claiming that they removed the only farming possibility is strictly wrong

got it now?

Ah there was miscommunication the topic was for blizz or people who actually know what they are doing.

  • Full campfire is…pardon me, was actually the best way to farm specific coins. Not a problem.
  • Better rewards from concede? Rare coins are just secondary garbage, no player who knows what is important care about it.
  • More consistent MS? Well 3= runs 1 portal 2 sabotage. Very consistent yeah :smiley: But at least at one thing you were right. Now its more consistent than 0 MS from 15 runs at barrens now.

apparently u dont seem to play the mode actually, nor u understand me…

i said full campfire is way easier in felwood 6 than barrens cause in barrens it took way longer to get ms, cause drop rate in felwood is better…

i am not arguing with u more… your title is just wrong and misleading… people who want to grind the same way the did in barrens just do felwood 6 now thats all.

if u dont like that just quit the game and move on.


The hotfix says:

so what does it have to do with felwood or barrens.

strongest merc: 4
bounty level: 4 or higher

high chance of MS

the only 2 numbers you have to look for maxing out the ms apperience are the levels of your mercs relative to the bounties:

merc > bounty: low to 0 chance
bounty > merc: increasing chance the higher the difference is

thats the only information we get. so where did you get your informations?

I tested it by playing both, barrens 2 prehotfix and felwood posthotfix…

Well except 6 merc i have all above 7 tasks. I did my part at game.

This is just false statement or pure lie. Before nerf it took like 1 minute to get to the place at barrens and even if it take 4 try to get MS (my average was like 2,5 run per MS) its 4 min for MS.
At fellwood is about 5-10 min to finish to the place and even if there is 100% chance (which is not according to my test) its slower.

So fact is fellwood is much much slower way to farm. Feel free to share your data if you want to correct me.

Your Headline is this: Bliz nerf the only way to farm

I wont argue if its exact same or not… maybe barrens was still slightly more efficient.
I cant tell.

Felwood definitely isnt much worse per hour, what you get out of it, acconting for all factors.

cheers, just your headline is totally off and missleading thats all

You know what? I have to give you that. I exaggerate the title. If forum let me, ill fix it. EDIT: Cant correct it so lets name it "Mercenaries are dead for me now / Bliz slower grind 3-4 times.

But the rest is still the same. Maybe for your 3-4 slower grind is slightly slower but not for me. After all its just matter of opinion.

Oof this take is just wrong. If what you mean by intended is that we all be whales and spend hundreds to thousands of dollars, okay fine go off. But to say that farming tasks was cheating is blatantly incorrect. It isn’t cheating to find the most time efficient way to play a game—especially since there were zero exploits involved.

Go back to playing the game as intended and stop spreading falsehoods.

thats fair, as I mentioned in other posts, the hotfix was bad and should be reverted nevertheless… appropiate fixing it would have been to boost rewards at later heroic stages accordingly…

even if felwood 6 is similarly good as barrens 2 was, it still isnt exciting and wasnt… the reward distribution across chapters is just off

They need a better end game. Maybe they could have a random map with random enemies, including mini bosses, and a gold reward for completing, so you can buy packs. Random treasures that are very powerful, and maybe anomalies. It needs to feel more roguelike so you have something to do with your mercs after they are maxxed. It was just released and there’s a lot of content, but I hope this type of thing gets implemented.


Farming is gaming the system, which is cheating.

Developing your characters through playing repeatedly is literally the point of the game mode, how is it in any way cheating. Facepalm.


Mercs was dead before the nerf, because its pretty boring atm!

Its really bare bones with no longevity atm.


yea yo this feels bad even thinking about leveling up a legendary…
i noticed how slow it was ever leveling up 1 (lich king)
i recently got jaraxxus and i only have 25 coins after doing dailies and completing normal adventure… i will literally never get this guy anywhere (not that i want to use a demon build anyhow)
wish i could dust him and my 51 tamsin outfits.

Bro farming isn’t gaming the system at all; farming was very CLEARLY intended to be part of this game. If it wasn’t, then they wouldn’t have gated power behind equipment which is acquired by tasks that randomly drop. Farming is a part of most rpgs/gacha games, and it’s pretty obvious that blizzard intended for players to farm as it provides replay value for limited development efforts.



There is rumors about how great Felwood 6 is (normal or heroic) also many streamer do videos about it

My testing:
8 runs
1 MS
1 Portal
3 Potato
3 Sabotage.

Yeah its almost same good as barens :smiley: :smiley:

I have all mercenaries except 6 and all of them are above 7 task so I miss “just” upgrades. Poor rest of us who don´t even have gear.

There are like 2000 more projects need their developer do, but they made most mistaken one.