Merc info(small update)

just learnt

maxing out ALL skills to 5 and all pieces of gear to 4…will give the merc a small bonus to stats(my Xyrella received +1/4 for capping her whole)

old(previously posted)(task 4 updated)
task 1-3 task related to skills
task 4, deal x amount of dmg, kill x minions, heal for x, extra task pertaining to skills for Mercs that has a skill that change effect upon use
tak 5 clear a map with the char at lvl 30
task 6 same as task 4(except that it has nothing related to a skill at all)
task 7 clear 2 heroic boss
task 8 get a boon((prot,fight,cast boost), rez nod)
…still haven’t done a task 9 onward

task 1-3 are still the most painfull and time consuming to clear XD
especially the ones like use X skills 10-12 time which have a cooldown of 1-3 turn(slap brightwing angryly for the torture)…ya so far the worse merc for skill related tasks :S

EDIT: okay i accidently fell on Zeddy video uploaded on youtube… i got to see why Vlad was saying it so…
so…Air Elemental on Heroic is even faster than Barak Kodobane but award different characters coins
Barak Kodobane on normal is still a very solid map to hunt for Swirlies for task(Mysterious stranger)(if you seek to speed bolster specific characters on coins)

so…to Vlad…i apologize for the quick denial…the retiring and refreshing method to hunt a specific map variation for swirly isn’t something i thought about

EDIT 2: well after trying the method…reroll can sometime be long…so its about equal speed like barak…except more coins at the end of the road to be receive for the bounty…so its slightly superior :wink: and never thought to use map reroll for barak(so i could skip the uncommon map that has less nods skip)…so lets call it even…just coins for different characters for the end bounty :slight_smile:

Man don´t give people bad advice.

Quest farm is far best barens 8 lvl heroic. Also you can looking forward for tasks +8 there you will feel the real pain :smiley:


post withdrawn…got to see why Vlad mentionned it
for anyone wishing to know why i withdrew it…look Zeddy video up

i got proof shove down my throat so…i have no room to contest it

The maxed mercenary stat boost is +1/+5, not +4.

they lowering the odds for mysterious stranger based on your average mercenary level.

basically if your average of all mercenary level is higher than 8, you will see less mysterious stranger in level 8 heroic.

it’s a post by gnome or something lemme search for the post again.

edit : here we go

okay, i wrote it different and wrong.
but you get the gist of it from that post.

meh…at least barak kodobane on normal staying intact XD(i hope)…but everyone that missed on the farm is getting screw over :S

This is across ALL bounties. Barak Kodobane is gone too. The new best spot seems to be Felwood Level 25.

look at the bright side,
people are no longer complaining about repeating heroic air elemental.

felwood or somewhere else gonna be the next demon king people complain about.

oh geez…then i bring out my war gloves “toss giga slap at devs”

thx for the info