Can anyone from the Blizzard dev team help me please

Hello all, I contacted Blizzard Customer support about this and a bug report has been processed according to the representative I spoke with. I was told to make a post on the forums to discuss it:

I am confused on how the Mercenaries packs really work. I was trying to purchase “all” of the Mercenaries Portraits for all of the different Mercenaries. I purchased a lot of sets of 60 packs. I believe there are 79 portraits total (Grommash Hellscream only has 4, the others have 5), I only had 24 left.

On average I have received 4-7 Portraits in every 120 packs (with 5-6 as the average). In the last 240 packs I opened I only received 6 Portraits, and then in the last 60-70 packs I did not receive a single portrait.
I am confused as to why this happened, and what should I do now please?
I can tell you, the coin increase went up for certain legendary Mercenary characters (so I would receive 100 coins instead of 30-50).

I would still like to receive the rest of the Portraits and would really like assistance with how to do that please.

I would really appreciate a response from the Blizzard Hearthstone Development team please on what they would recommend for me to do and I am happy to wait and be patient if this is something that needs to be fixed with a patch or update.

Wow you can open packs? A bunch of us can’t even do that because of bugs! No one from blizzard is going to respond to this but good luck! Sounds like you got the same cut and paste response I received for my issue where I can’t even play the game mode (and many others as well).

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I appreciate the response, blizzard made this post today I saw:

There were almost 100 bug posts today, so there are lots of problems. Hopefully there will be a hotfix within a week would be cool.

I am sorry to hear you can’t play the game and have to wait, that’s very depressing I am sure.

Hopefully they see all of our statements and everything will be fixed and we can all play and enjoy the new game mode.

I mean, if it takes till next week I’m not dumping any more money into hearthstone ever. Was considering playing mercenaries but not if this is their response time to a bug that shouldn’t have existed. Fingers crossed they respond to you though! <3