Unaccounted victories in pvp mercenaries

There is a problem in pvp mercenaries. 7 or 8 victories were not counted and no rewards for them. Then why to play???
Can someone answer please?

there is a new hotfix pissing everyone off. if your opponent concedes before 3 of his/ her merc dies, then you will receive NO reward.

Buried as an edit to the bottom of a 15 day old “known issues” post in the Bug Report Forum. Where no one would ever think to look.

I’ve met this bug yesterday
I had a game for 6000 (from ~5980) . Opponent left and I’ve NOT ONLY didn’t earned my 1st win chest(rly not a big deal) , BUT ALSO The 6000 rating chest reward, since I got rating. It’s just marked as already given.

Support team asked to write here about it.
Will it be fixed soon and Can I get my reward back? (It’s not a big deal but I still kinda sad about it)

You don"t have to be so sarcastic. I just don"t have enough time in my life. I spent few hours just to get some tasks, and hour to do them… I can’t be on blizzard"s sites and games all day. And I invested something in this stupid mode, so I have every right to ask questions.

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I get the same problem as well.

I am pretty sure lots of people got the same problem but blizzard just don’t know how to fix this

Wasn’t sarcastic, I think it’s legit crappy that Blizzard is not announcing changes like this better. I agree that people do not have time to look all over twitter, reddit, and different forum posts for stuff like this. I agree with you.