21.4 Live Known Issues

I see that everyone has some problems with the game but I have I different one.
When can I expect an update to actually get the mercenaries on my mobile? In UK?
It is still saying that new mode coming soon

Hey, I’ve passed your post along to the team to make sure everything is good.

But, just from my end, I want to clarify that the way the portrait portion works is that when you would get a portrait, it will first choose a mercenary and then check for portrait ownership of that merc, instead of portraits generally. So the fact that you do not yet have all portraits of a rarity does not necessarily mean you’d be expected to get portraits before coins.

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not sure if its an issue or if it has been reported, but opening the ranking rewards is freezing the game, tried both on a W10 pc and on my phone and on both cases it doesnt open anything and the screen becomes unresponsive

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I’m not sure if this is the correct forum for posting this but it seemed related to the patch.
I had multiple games on mobile before updating where attacking for lethal damage in duels would disconnect me. Upon reloading game, did not register a win or a loss. Finally was able to progress further after updating game and winning again. However, after my 10th win (with only 1 loss)… it took me to the screen to choose a hero for a duels run (rather than choosing a bucket of cards). It doesn’t seem like I gained rating/rewards and my progress in the run seems to have been lost.

After I click on seasonal rewards preview on Mercenaries Fighting Pit – nothing happens AND game stops responding to all actions except clicking friend menu button and options button.
So. I can’t leave Fighting Pit or start finding match or whatever.
I try to restart client 2 times and this behevior reproduses after that.

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Same issue here - happened at launch so kind of ruined the hype of the mercenaries launch for me! Any chance of this being resolved today?


Hey I can’t build the merchant cart still, it’s 4 hours since the blue post is it later in the day yet?


I am stuck on level 2 of the tutorial. Wants me to build a merchant cart, but I do not have the option to do so. I cannot open packs either.


Yup, me too. This sucks!

Can you please help me get my BG MMR back?

There’s an issue with the Sylvanas Task 5. Not getting any progress even though my team has been level 30 for a while now. Doesn’t matter if the mission itself is level 30 or level 5, nothing works.

It says that I have a gift waiting in my mount collection for Sarge but when I open it he isn’t there

I can’t edit my parties at mercenary mode anymore (mobile). I’ve managed to create and populate 1 additional party but now I just can’t add any character to any new party I create.
Already tryed to reinstall with no luck.

This issue began after I opened all the packs I bought on the shop (not sure if there’s any relation to it)

I am having the same problem

I cant build the merchant’s cart im stuck on lvl 2 of the tutorial.


fix the issue with mercenaries mode not being clickable. i guess its for mobile devices other people are having the same problem.


The pity timer isn’t working, opened 65 packs and got only 2 legendaries.

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Does anyone know why the mercenary card would be showing blue in the tavern menu/building and you cant select it to be used? My issue is with Blademaster Samuro.


Is there an eta on a patch for all of us who are stuck in the tutorial with a bugged tavern? Thanks.


I hope someone tells the devs that this tutorial softlock bug seems to have happened to people who chose to upgrade Tyrande’s second skill on the tutorial.