[mercenaries] should you max out mercenaries?

*** this information is outdated since the last 24 hours of this edit ***

https://ibb.co/H7dNtfG this is screenshot of me doing pvp / fighting pit with 6600 rating

if you are losing on low level mercenaries,
you will also lose on max upgrade mercenaries.

you will meet other predator on high level gameplay.
you will meet me as low level mercenaries predator.

it’s not about max upgrade on fighting pit.
but it’s about understanding the mechanic behind fighting pit.

understanding the concept of the mechanic behind the queue is more important than maxing out your mercenaries.

that’s all for the lesson folk.
this lesson will stay true unless they change the mechanic behind the queue which makes this post outdated and no longer value able.

i gonna try to climb the rating higher and learn more about the queue mechanic.
p.s: upgrading anduin hurt my soul so much.
he is the first mercenaries i almost max out but i stop because it’s hurt me so much for every upgrade click.

bonus meme :
this lesson brought to you by tonpa the rookie slayer.

result with limit queue :
https://ibb.co/6XCSf50 box 7500 reward part 3 inside the pack
https://ibb.co/q9fgvr1 box 7500 reward part 2
https://ibb.co/rZY3k4J box 7500 reward part 1
https://ibb.co/b3gnB1S rating box 7500

20 win streak,
that’s why folks, you need to think 69 times before clicking the upgrade button.

does the upgrade really give you benefit ?
you need to consider that with every upgrade, you allow your opponent to play with 1 extra upgrade.

my favourite mercenaries in my team :
https://ibb.co/ZJCtZ8m this cute critter
https://ibb.co/c2xQNSZ team mascot


Well there is no incentive for hitting a high rating, I didn’t even want to do the tutorial so now I can understand when people say there are long queue times at their rating. They probably need to widen the range in the match maker, I guess at some point they will just start throwing anyone who plays the mode against you to reduce queue times, eventually also the only people who play will be people who have maxed out characters so it won’t matter if your characters aren’t maxed you’ll go up against a full maxed squad.

If you want to take PvP seriously you are going to have to max out your team comp in every way possible. Even at the low levels it’s been seen players are not starting their PvP runs till they are maxed. So your odds of hitting “chumps” and bots is nearly nill.

i am taking fighting pit seriously and on top 200 currently.
assuming other people doesn’t really goes to far with their previous rating.

the last time i seen top 200 leaderboard for american region,
they are on 6850 for rank 200.
7500 rating should put me on top 200.
https://ibb.co/BzKpKb6 hey it’s top 100

just went 20 win streak with at least 20 player.
i don’t remember if they are same player or different.
but i remember there is at least 7 different name.

edit : i post my result on the first post of this thread.

i assume it’s 10 minute max for non maxed mercenaries.[or goes to bot you go]
for almost maxed out mercenaries, it’s max 2 minutes or goes bot.
for max out mercenaries team, i believe you will find other player in less than 30 second. OR goes 2 minute max just like above and goes to bot.

rating has no effect on queue so far from what i seen since they match you up based on your team upgrade.

you still can see bot on 6600 rating.

at least that’s what happen on 6000 - 7500 rating,
i will check 7500+ rating later.

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it’s a shame. i have 30 mercenaries at rank 30 but only 1 is maxed out. (it was at that point that i gave up on tasks)

I swear to God… If i have to play Air Elemental one more time i’m going to f***ing hang myself.

I wish there was a way to focus what mercs you get Tasks for every day instead random ones. that would make this a lot better.

While it is currently the most efficient way of grinding tasks, you don’t have to do it that way.

You could also just target the bounties that can drop coins for whichever mercs you want to improve.

it was supposed to be relaxing experience.

Hope you realize you can get up to around 6600 playing bots exclusively.

It’s not a big deal at all.

i don’t realize it,
i reach 6000 with half player half bot day 1 of mercenaries release date and stuck at 6500 for 1 week after messed up something.

currently 8011.
that’s all folks, i got urge to binge watch youtube now.

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Then you know getting to 6500 MMR is a joke if you know how to manipulate the system.

send this to people who lose to bot.
rub it on their face.

they gonna cry a river.

i think i should chill before my inner demon goes out.

You’re still a bit misleading with your thread tho, I’ve been watching a lot of top Mercenaries PvP streams and they typically need to max out their mercenaries.

At that point you can queue into a guy who has the +1+5 bonus when you don’t or have a few mercs with superior abilities. That can make a difference between a win and a loss.

Sure, the guy who’s bad is still gonna be bad at the game even with maxed mercenaries but a good player should always max them.

Kinda like regular HS, it’s better for a good player to be using a good deck rather than a bad one.

I’ve seen people with 9K MMR playing against 7.5k

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you mistook want and need.

they want to max out mercs,
they don’t need max out mercs to start fighting pit.

they don’t start their first round of fighting pit on max out mercenaries.

my first game of mercenaries is basically using 6 mercenaries and each of them on level 19.

do i need to max out ?

do i want to max out ?

my thread is not misleading.
the one who takes my advice in the wrong way is the one misleading themself.

i could tell thirsty people to drink water,
does it’s my fault if they overdrink and drown to death ?

Well, you are the one who didn’t explain very well with such a huge post.

i don’t need to,
people who can’t understand it will never able to apply my advice to practice.

the core principle of my advice basically telling people to think before doing something.

you are testing my patience here.

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Not my fault if you have a hard time explaining yourself.

Nobody needs advices from someone like you.

Take the time to read your own OP and you’ll see how confusing you are.

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bless me for having a patience.
nobody asked for your feedback.

read this part,

the rest of the part is basically me proving my advice is working.

not my fault if you have a nasty attitude

take the time to read your own post and you’ll see how annoying you are.

edit : you already giving annoying kid next door vibe from first reply but i still hold back my nasty reply.

you keep pushing your luck here.

Listen, if a top player like me in every game mode has trouble understanding what you really meant in your OP, what do you think the average player’s gonna think ?

You are the one with a poor attitude.

said the one using this as first reply

i am putting effort to give advice,
to the point i tried my own advice in real time practice.
and your first reply is basically defaming my effort by mentioning bot.

you don’t even have enough intellectual to understand what you have been doing in the first 2 reply.

do you see why i make nasty reply ?
you are nasty to the core and i responded in return.

edit : seriously, i am sorry for this to turn out this way.
but i am not going to let you slap my face for nothing.

please just let this go and pretend nothing happen.

seriously, i would give different reply if you responded to my post properly.

edit 2 : if you read this, we can agree we have disagreement, can we just chill after this ?

if we can’t chill out after this, i don’t see a reason why we should continue this.

edit 3 : i was taking your first reply as casual remark at first,
but i held believe you are picking a fight with stranger after few reply.

it’s literally defaming effort, defaming effort, makes a claim i am misleading without inquiry or ask for detail,

does no one ever tell you in real life this can be taken as provocation ?
or they are to afraid to tell you ?

acting like this toward a close friend who understand you is actually okay, but to stranger like me ?
it’s a big nope and something you should not do.

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Why are you so angry ? That’s a fact that you can get to 6600 MMR by playing bots, which is super easy to do.

It makes no sense to tell people they should be taking you seriously because you’re posting a screenshot of yourself doing PvP at 6.6K MMR when everyone essentially gets there stomping bots. That’s the point.

You are also wrong by claiming that people don’t need to max out their mercenaries, as a matter of fact if someone wants to be competitive at high MMR they need to upgrade their mercenaries if they don’t to fall too far behind.

Mercenaries is just the same as any game mode that’s ever been in HS, paying/upgrading won’t give you skills that you don’t have. How many people have spent hundreds/thousands into HS without ever getting Legend ? A lot.