The new hotfix is TERRIBLE

If opponent concedes after losing 2 mercs (which happens very frequently) you dont get any rewards. How the hell you didnt think about this? Please change this ASAP.


No just give us ur money. Sincerly Bllizard.


any link for the hotfixes log ?


All I’ve seen is people passing around a tweet with a screen shot of blue text, nothing official and no one has posted a link to where the blue text came from.

as kripparian said, hidden hotfixes.

i think it’s really happen because i missed 1 or 2 point from fighting pit win reward loot count maybe 72 hour ago.

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going by what i know some people were win trading

to stop them we all got punished

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Not hidden, kinda… finally got someone to link to the Blizzard post about it. Though it seems SUPER shady that they edit an old post instead of post a new one, meaning it doesn’t show up on the Blizz Tracker and the only way you’d know about it is if you went and checked that specific post for edits.


your definition of shady is well
completely detached from reality

first lines on the OP post on that thread

thats and your personal defintion of shady you just made up tells me you are doing it on purpose