Incorrect reward for purchase

I purchased the “Legendary Mercenary” promotional item for my Mercenary Collection. Before buying, I read on the forum the following message posted by moderator GnomeSayin: “(…)Players that own all Mercenaries, but are missing base Portraits, may receive a base Portrait instead of the Coins.(…)” . As I already have all mercenaries, I was hoping to receive the basic portrait for the mercenary Diablo, as I only have the diamond one. However, I only received 100 coins for a random legendary mercenary. I would like you to find out the error and make up for it. Thanks.

Here is the link where a read: 21.4 Live Known Issues

This is within the intended results, not a bug. “May” means sometimes, not guaranteed. If you already own all the Legendary Mercenaries, it chooses a random one for you and grants you the basic portrait for that Mercenary–if you already have that portrait (like you would for any roll that isn’t the pre-purchase Mercenaries), it converts it to the 100 Coins.