Battlegrounds Ratings Correction Tomorrow

Hello all,

Last week’s patch introduced a bug that unintentionally caused people who played Battlegrounds immediately after the patch to have their rating reset. We quickly squashed that bug so that no more players would have their ratings reset in this way, and, at the same time reset the affected players’ rating to what it was just before 21.4.

Unfortunately, this introduced another bug that caused them to gain more rating than intended for each game following the initial fix.

Tomorrow, we will be implementing a fix that will stop players from gaining this unintended bonus rating. For the top 10% of players who benefitted from this bug, we will also be reducing their ratings to adjust for those unintended extra gains.

We will update this post once that change has gone live.

Update: This patch has now gone live in all regions.

Update 2: Since the patch went live, the team has been correcting a small number of additional player ratings that were not caught in the initial sweep. Nearly all corrections have been completed, but the team is still working to correct a very small number of players that have not yet been corrected.

Update 3: The individual corrections have been completed. The team will continue to keep an eye out for any potential anomalies, but at this point the issue is believed to be resolved.

Wait…what? My rating was reset from 4444 to 0 (actually 214, as it reset after my first game of the day) on Friday, October 15th. It is currently just over 400, as I played a couple of games hoping it would be fixed.

The problem I’ve been posting about all week, that support told me to avoid playing while you all fixed - this doesn’t address it at all. If you “quickly squashed that bug so no more players would have their ratings reset,” it seems you missed a few. And those people have no recourse, and still have thousands of rating gone. This post is about…people gaining rating too fast? Is that why I was told not to play? So not only am I missing over 4000 rating, but I can also take longer to get back the rating I lost to this bug?

Is this post to say that my rating is to stay at what it was reset to because I picked the wrong time to start playing this game mode and you sent everyone back to the same restore point which, for those who started playing for the first time last week, is zero???

My rating dropped from 9100 to 8500!
Before patch it was somewhere near 8200.

And I’ve never was given more than 100. And losses for 8 place were 100.

How it happened? Explain please.


I was at 10,318 MMR pre-patch, then got dropped down to 9664 MMR. This does not make sense as my rating gains were normal and I am almost certain I was not not receiving inflated MMR gains. Can I get some clarity on this?


Same here, never had more than 98-99 for the 1st place and yet someone decided it’s gonna be better to cut me for 700 rating. We are just a folks trying our best, Blizzard, stop screwing us up. I really doubt the problem will be fixed properly, just kinda dissapointing to be honest.


My rating dropped from 9500 to 8400.
This unintended bonus rating is definitely not 1000.


The team is looking into this situation for a small number of players, such as yourself, who were caught in-between fixes. They are working on a solution.



A few days ago I experienced a Battlegrounds rating reset from 8995 to 0. That issue was resolved and my rating changed back to 8995. Since then I played many hours of games and climbed all the way to around ~9800 rating. But today when I log in my rating has been reset back to 8995 once again. Can you please look into the issue my Battlegrounds rating is experiencing and fix my rating back to the ~9800 it is supposed to be at as of yesterday evening? Thank you.


Does this seem to make sense to you?
You reduce my rating by 600 points without letting me know, just like that?
Does this seem professional?

BTW, there is no way in hell that i gained 600 extra points. not even once did I get an amount of points or lost an amount that looked even a bit suspicous.

This is ridiculous!

You just sabotage players progress without apologizing. notifying or compensating them?

I will not play HEARTHSTONE anymore if this is your final say on the matter, and ill make sure obviously to publish my feeling regarding the matter on every platform I can think of.

Im sure im not the only one who feels this is disgraceful


Any news from the team about situation?

Interesting fact. Because my so called “internal MMR” is high but I was kicked to 8K I gain now about 93…95 for 1st place. Have got 63…66 for 2nd place for several games.
So I’m punished twice for nothing as other people like me.


My rank was about 8k, after the bug I started from 0 and went to 6k(last rank today) but now after I logged in to play I see my rank is 11k xD

Feels a lot like cheating, people worked a lot for their rank, I have a higher rank than RDU, poor guy…

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I thought mmr reset was a seasonal thing because i played last time in season 1, and reset happen after like 2 or 3 games.
I start playing again,need to relearn the game so that was working for my.
I did well climb up to 4k mmr in a week, I was at 5.2 ish before, now im 9.5.
I know top 200 starts around 10k so I know i will get eaten in every single game.
At best i played 200 games in totall in this mode.

People are posting rating loss, so I dont know if it is ongoing process, or i was just overlooked. Should I contact support directly or just wait ??

No update was posted here, but my rating was finally corrected. Anyone afraid to play for the last week, it seems Blizzard has made their corrections.

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Mine wasnt. Nothing done, no comments or explanation, nothing.
Purely absurd

how can i get about 700 extra points that i didn’t deserve in a week? It’s illegal, I got normal points, like my other friends, I broadcast on Twitch, they can look at the logs. its reddiculs . If such a thing is being done, it should be spoken with proofs. I think that the “like we’ve done” approach is very wrong. I can prove to you that I didn’t get more points than I deserve, but what will you present as proof?

Please note that during the bug with updating the rating, I played 1 game, saw that the rating was lost and did not play anymore

why should I lose 10% of the rating, I really look forward to an answer

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Last Week where the Points were set to 0 after a Patch and were corrected 1 day after… i played a game starting at 8110 and made -15 and was on 7800 suddenly. I didnt bother cause it was only 300 Points and i am only climbing and dont play so much.

Today i logged in and wanted to play Battlegrounds and saw 7809 points where yesterday at my last game i had 8080 or smth.

So Blizzard gave me 2 times -300 Points.

Should i stop playing and grinding now cause every week u rob me of 300 Points? Is that what its about?


I was 9k+ a week ago and I logged in at 7,800 the day after this all happened.

Yesterday when I logged out at 7,666 (601 1st place, 2,200 Top 4’s), my rating dropped to 7,347 but my games didn’t change and my last two 1st places are still on the stats page.

Why is this still happening to me?

Hello @GnomeSayin, after logging in today my MMR changed from ~9600 to ~8400. The official explanation is that some players affected by this bug had their MMR reduced due to additional gains during bug period and I get that, however what I don’t understand is how come my account was supposedly affected hard enough to justify a change of around -1200 points.

During my recent games I was gaining points as with any other previous games (prior to mercenaries release), ~100 points for 1st, ~70 points for 2nd and ~40 points for 3rd, I have not noticed any unusual gains on my account.

For me it looks like you simply rolled back all of my MMR gains for last 1-2 weeks instead of actually removing just the “additional gains” related to the bug.

I assume that if my MMR rating was reduced by such a huge amount you would have some numbers/proof to back up the additional gains theory, so my request is to share with me the information that led to the 1200 MMR reduction on my account.

I appreciate your support with this.

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Hello GnomeSayin. you guys did it to me aswell. I think your calculations are a bit off tbh, I have watched through the hs replay for the last 2 weeks, I have gained a total of 1k mmr. you guys took away 650 of them, that means a mmr loss of 65%. It seems to much, if anything I think the real numbers are more around 15-20% = 150-200mmr