Targeted Corruptions and Faster Cloak Empowerment

We’re working on an update to the game that we expect to roll out in the coming week. We plan to make improvements to the process of obtaining Corrupted items on max-level characters and also streamline upgrading the legendary cloak Ashjra’kamas.

Our goal with this update is to speed up the power progression of new level 120 characters, while giving established endgame players more agency in pursuing the Corruption effects they most desire.

More Echoes

In our last update, we added Echoes of Ny’alotha, a new currency available from most Visions of N’Zoth content, which can be used to directly purchase Rank 3 Essences that have already been unlocked on a different character. We plan to expand the availability and purpose of this new currency. Now, once any character completes the legendary cloak questline, they will immediately begin earning Echoes of Ny’alotha from all of the usual sources.

Echoes of Ny’alotha will be much more abundant than before. As we expand the usefulness of Echoes of Ny’alotha, we want to ensure that players who haven’t felt the need to accumulate them don’t feel disadvantaged, so we will be increasing both the droprates of Echoes and their costs by a factor of 5. This means that when these changes take effect, a Major Assault will award 625 Echoes, up from 125. The cost to purchase an Essence will also increase by the same factor, from 500 to 2500 Echoes.

If you are planning to purchase a Rank 3 Essence with Echoes of Ny’alotha that you’ve already earned, you should do so now, before these costs change.

Improving Ashjra’kamas

We’re also reducing the requirements for any quest step in upgrading the cloak from Ranks 1 to 15 that previously required multiple Horrific Visions. Each Rank can now be achieved in a single Horrific Vision. For example, upgrading your Rank 13 cloak to Rank 14 will now require 2 Torn Pages of “The Final Truth” (was 6), so if you’re currently in possession of 2 or more pages, you’ll turn them all in and immediately complete that quest. The following quest to upgrade from Rank 14 to 15 will then require that you go get 2 more new Torn Pages (was 8).

The requirements for further minor upgrades to the cloak after Rank 15 with Malefic Cores have not been changed.

MOTHER will also offer Vessels of Horrific Visions in exchange for Echoes of Ny’alotha, providing an additional source of access to Horrific Visions that does not require completion of Assaults.

Choosing Your Corruption

In addition to any unlocked Essences, MOTHER will now also offer several new Preserved Contaminants, which allow for a specific Corruption effect (and the associated Corruption penalty) to be applied to a selected item. The inventory of available Preserved Contaminants will change twice each week, mirroring the Assault cadence, and will cycle through all available Corruption effects at various levels of potency.

You can use a Preserved Contaminant to apply the Corruption you purchased to any uncorrupted item that can be Corrupted, much like an enchant. Here are some sample costs for MOTHER’s updated offerings:

Item Cost (Echoes of Ny’alotha)
Vessel of Horrific Visions 1750
Rank 3 Essence 2500
Masterful I 3000
Siphoner I 4250
Twilight Devastation I 6250
Siphoner II 6300
Ineffable Truth II 6750
Racing Pulse III 7875
Echoing Void III 12000
Twilight Devastation III 15000

Important Notes

We highly suggest that you purchase any Rank 3 Essences that you want and can afford as soon as possible.

Due to a technical limitation, items that were cleansed before this update cannot be re-corrupted. New items can be cleansed after this update and then re-corrupted.

All of the previous ways that Corrupted items and Vessels can be acquired are still in place. The changes above are meant to supplement those sources and provide you with more options and control in pursuing your goals.


I approve.


Por que?

What about my main w/ 0???

Edit: I’m effectively weeks/months behind because I had every essence my main could get and wasn’t possible to get these things?

Edit: Just come out w/ a new currency, so everyone is on equal footing.

Edit: Or reset it like you do w/ TItan Residuum and just give ppl gold to make up for the TR/Echoes loss.

Edit: There are MAINS with thousands of Echoes because they didn’t buy essences they were never going to use.


Does this mean after 4 months of being unlucky I’ll get my first good corruption?

Will Gushung Wound be purchasable too?


Looks like it was a good idea to stockpile echoes lmao.


10/10 approve.

15/10 would’ve loved to see a corruption option like this at the beginning of the patch… Not sure why we had to go the RNG route :frowning:


Hummm interesting

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This. I’m not someone that had all rank 3’s on my main just because I didnt bother with the battleground one as a healer… but i feel for my friends that don’t already have 10k Echoes like me since i didn’t get my last essence. It should be a new currency to put everyone on equal playing field (Unless I misread something here)…




Finally! Thank you!


Because it only costs 500 for a rank 3 essence now. But after this update, it will cost 25k. If you have 800 echoes right now, once this update happens, you’ll still only have 800. So, you’ll go from being able to afford an essence you want to not being able to afford one.


So not only will it rotate but it will also only be certain lvls of each corruption…zzzzzz not a fan of that. Just slap them all out and let us go nuts already, stop trying to restrict/RNG it so much still.

Definitely glad the vendor is here, not a fan of the rotating stock.


^ While multiplying x5 might feel good. I have alts with thousands and a main with 0. It still won’t feel good to be able to login an alt and IMMEDIATELY be able to buy something but not main. If blizzard truly wants to be fair, they should 0 out the currencies completely with a full reset, or make a new currency. Using an existing one that literally was disabled on mains but alts were able to accumulate thousands, is no good.


So…I don’t have alts…Which means I can’t get echoes on my hunter…

So basically, am I screwed? Or are you making mains get echoes as well?


Who cares about essences now though. People have like 30,000+ echoes and can buy whatever they want tomorrow, instantly.
I have 0 because I had every essence. And now my main can’t buy everything.


what about for those of us who have 0 echoes of nyalotha on our mains (for obvoius reasons) saved up b/c those are only being acquired by alts to ‘catch up’ on their rank 3 essences? it’s going to take forever to start gathering/saving echoes on a main where as an alt could already have X amount saved up and eat up all the good corruptions right away, essentially making your alt ‘more playable’ in some scenarios


Too bad they absolutely ruined that for mains who play all their specs, this is now three times in a single patch we’ve been screwed over while the spec specific princesses are rewarded.


they are basically saying, if you have the currency to buy them now, you should do it because the cost will go up x5. If you spend all of yours right now, before the change, theres no difference since the cost scale will be the same

Although now you have more options on what to buy, so you get the opportunity cost changes there.

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Really curious to hear how mains will be affected, as it is completely impossible to get Echoes on them.

Still, feel like this is a good change: The huge variety of Corruption effects was it’s biggest weakness, and being able to pick from a few presets from a grindable currency is a good thing.

If a similar system is ever used in Shadowlands, hopefully these changes will be a good lesson going forward!