Corrupting a Cleansed Item with a Preserved Contaminant

We’ve made some progress on this subject today.

As of this morning, if you get a new Corrupted item and cleanse it, you can re-corrupt it using a Preserved Contaminant from the new system.

Unfortunately, items cleansed prior to maintenance this week remain unwilling to be re-Corrupted.

We’re also working on a hotfix that will add clarity to this, by highlighting Corruptable items in your bags when you activate a Preserved Contaminant. This should be very similar to how scrappable items light up when you use the scrapper.

We’ll let you know when that comes through in our Hotfixes Update post.


Will it stay like that or it will be fixed later as well?


Will a corrupted item looted prior to today that we cleanse now be re-corruptable?


What about corrupted items that you may have had for awhile, but haven’t cleansed. Can these be safely cleansed and re-corrupted?

Beat me by like 1 second.


Please get rid of the rng just let us buy whatever corruption we want not have to pray it will be part of the six for the rotation. Not sure why you guys are so addicted to rng beyond just items dropping but please stop it.


You been dealing with corruption gear in weekly chests for a long time but now suddenly it’s an issue?

Just let the rotation do its thing and then you can grab all the TD rank 3s you want


I really hope you people figure out how to let us corrupt older gear. It’s going to feel terrible having a 475 overclocking band that I can’t do anything with


Unfortunately, we don’t want to allocate any programmers to fixing this bug.


My 2 best pieces are cleansed. I guess I am not happy at all that you cannot fix this.


Can we restore an item that was sold/destroyed prior to today’s maintenance, then cleanse it and recorrupt it? Technically, that item will be “new” today.

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You CAN cleanse a corrupted piece and re-corrupt it right now, even if the piece of gear was obtained before today. I just thought it was weird how blizzard used the word “new”.



It’s always been an issue and I want versatile stacks not tds.


Better than nothing but I think this should have been at the start. Thanks for the info.

It’s if you cleansed it before today, not if you acquired the item before today.

Yeah I understand that

So do you want them to focus Shadowlands or rush it while catering to BfA?

You cleansed it today.

There was a misconception that you couldn’t corrupt it even though it was cleansed today, if it was an old item.

Thanks, the wording was confusing. So it looks like it’s just stuff that was cleansed previously. Thank you for confirming!

That’s a pretty silly stance to have.

I’d rather they did something right before pushing it out to their audience.
Nobody asked for it today, they had time to test it.

If they’re willing to rush out content in BFA why do you think they wouldn’t be willing to rush content in Shadowlands too? It’s bad design philosophy for a start.

We’re also stuck with BFA for at least another 4 months, realistically another 6, so yes I’d rather they focused on improving what little content we have to do for that time period.