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Guild has moved to Area-52

Please delete

it be like it do be like dobie

A nice little bump back up :slight_smile:

bump to the bump bump b

Bumping this post for the boys.

Bump for pumpers!

Biggity Bumper

Sunday bumps

Monday bumps?

Bump for ranged dps?

Ole bumpy yo

Still lookin for a couple dps to round out the roster for mythic

Get back up there

Hi guys,

An aff lock here, with ilevel200 and 4/10 HC Castle experience. Would that be something you might be interested ? I would love to join your ranks and assist with progression where possible. Happy to hear from you.


Bump back up!
Still looking for ranged especially!

Need a warrior? I have cleared AQ40.

Bumpers for pumpers!

any bumpers in the chat?

Mind going back up top?

Yes, this is a sentence.