[H][Illidan]<Big Brain Boys>8/8M EP (US 198) LF DPS - Fri/Sat 8p-11p CT

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Server: Illidan (Server Time: CT)
Raid Times: Fri/Sat, 6p-9p PST / 8p-11p CT / 9p-12a EST
Progression: 8/8M EP (US 198 & Server 19), 9/9M BoD
Personal Loot System: RCLootCouncil*

*All tradeable loot is distributed using a loot council system. We view gear as a tool to assist in progression and farm, and all loot decisions are made by the officers with the intent to improve our ability to kill future bosses.

Currently Recruiting

  • All exceptional DPS

About Us

Big Brain Boys is currently ranked the #1 two-day guild and the #1 weekend guild on US-Illidan. We formed at the beginning of BoD and have achieved Cutting Edge in the major raid tiers since then, and plan to keep doing so throughout the rest of BFA into Shadowlands. We’re currently looking for skilled raiders for the current and upcoming raid tiers.

We provide cauldrons and vantus runes for every raid night. Raiders are expected to bring their own food, pre-pots, and healing pots.

Our trial period is at minimum a month. Keep in mind that our end-times can be extended by up to one hour for boss progression. You are expected to be able to continue raiding when we choose to extend, so make sure your schedule allows for this.


We want to establish a group of committed individuals to pursue Mythic content to achieve Cutting Edge. Not at breakneck speed, but at a constant rate of progression.


Our raiders should be willing to put the effort into clearing Mythic raids, as well as doing sufficient prep-work outside of raid. (Leveling your HoA, M+, expeditions, WQs.) You should know when you should be serious and when you can joke around (i.e. joking around on trash or farm bosses vs being serious on progression).

We try to keep a roster of 21-23 raiders. This is so we have a diverse lineup that can be adjusted for different encounters and is still able to raid on weekends when people are absent. We encourage a 90%+ attendance record. We understand real life happens, but if you are on our roster, we expect you’ll commit time to our raid hours and prep requirements.

Joining the Boys
Please follow the link below to fill out our app.

If you have questions about the application process you can reach out to one of our officers below via Bnet. We will reach out to you if we are interested in discussing your application.

LadyPluu#1299, KFae#11678

407 Frs Mage LF Raiding Guild-Illidan
Returning Rogue LF Guild
407 Boomkin LF weekend raiding
408 warlock lf mythic guild
AOTC Raider LF Weekend Guild
409ilvl Warlock lf mythic Raiding guild
401 Rogue LF Guild
[H] [Illidan] 392 Rogue LF guild
412 Hunter LF Competitive Home
413 hunter LF guild
3/9m 420 Mage LF Mythic Guild
5/9M 415 Frost DK/413 Spriest LF new team
410 ilvl hunter lf mythic bod and 8.2 onwards
406 Resto 403 Ele Shaman LF Guild
407 Ele Shaman Looking for Guild! The Scryers - Argent Dawn - Willing to realm change :)
408 Boomkin LF Guild
415 6/9M Balance Druid LF Raid Team
414 Balance/Feral Druid looking for a Horde Mythic raiding guild
9/9H 3/9M MW monk LF guild
[H] 410 Prot/Ret Pally 9/9H 1/9M Lf Serious guild
Pls delete post
Please delete post
385 BrM Monk (5/9 H) LF Raid Team
No longer available
[H] Rogue/Hunter/Priest LFG
8/8M 8/8H Assissination Rogue LF MYTHIC Guild
[H/A] 401 BDK/UH and 394 Hpriest LF heroic/mythic
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I dont know how to do it
397 MW monk LF mythic progression. Illidan server preffered
Please delete this thread
[H]400ilvl Havoc LF CE Guild
[H] 393 Frost DK LF Mythic Raiding Guild Horde Only
400 Resto Shaman LF meme guild
400/393 Destro Lock/Balance Druid LF Mythic Guild
408 Boomkin Looking for Late Night Mythic Guild
400 Balance Druid (Resto OS) LF Fri/Sat Raid
407 Balance Druid LF Mythic Guild
407 ilv 3/9 M bod ROGUE lf guild
410 Rogue 3/9M LF Guild
3/9 M 414 ilvl Feral Druid LF Mythic Guild
406 Hunter LF Raid Team (No Tues/Thurs)
BM/MM Hunter LF Guild
Hunter LF weekend Guild
404 Resto Sham LF Mythic Guild
398 Resto Shaman LF guild
401 [6/9H] Holy Paladin LF Heroic/Mythic Raid Team
412 Holy Paladin lf mythic raiding guild
Returning Healer (Druid,Monk and possible paladin) Looking for a Guild to call home
[H] 411 MW Monk LF Mythic Raiding Guild
397 2/9 M Mistweaver LFG
414 WW Monk 3/9 LF Fri/Sat guild
400 MW monk LF new home
400 ilvl MW monk looking for mythic progression
Resto Druid or MW Monk LF Mythic Guild
[H] 403 Mistweaver Heals looking for Mythic guild!
[H] 401 Resto/Ele Shaman LFG
384 resto shaman LFG
H 394 BM Hunter LF Raiding Guild
388 MW Monk or 380 HPriest/Disc LF Raiding Guild
390 Mistweaver Monk Looking For A Home
404 balance druid (1/9m) lf semi-hardcore/hardcore raiding guild
9/9H 403 Boomkin LF guild
[H] 401 Mage LF heroic guild
[H] Illidan - 402 Fury Warrior LFG
407 DPS Warrior LF 2/3day Mythic Progression Guild
6/9 H Shaman healer LF H guild
7/9H 403 Muti Rogue LF Mythic Progression
3/9M Exp, Warrior Reroll Lf Guild
9/9H 405 Fury Warr LFG
402 Dps Warrior LF guild
[H] Fury Warrior or Enhancement Shaman LF EST home
404 Restoration Shaman - 1/9M 9/9H LF Friday/Saturday Night Raiding Guild
399 Moonkin/396 mistweaver and 403 rogue lf guild
402 Havoc DH 6/9 H LF Raid Guild
402 Havoc DH 9/9H 1/9M LF mythic level guild
[H] 405 Balance Druid & 403 Havoc Demon Hunter LF Mythic Guild
403 Havoc DH 9/9H 1/9M LF mythic level guild
[H] 399 Havoc DH Looking for Mythic Raid guild
[H] 381 Boomkin LF Semi-Serious Raid Guild
Ilvl395 HPally LFG
Rogue LF H/M Guild
9/9N 7/9H MW monk LF guild
397 BrM LF Guild
394/395 Ele Shaman. looking for good raiding guild
392 BM Monk LF Late Night Raiding!
[A][Proudmoore] 400ILVL Brewmaster Monk LFG
386 Resto Shaman or 388 Resto Druid LF Guild
382 Resto druid LF Home (Illidan)
375 Ret Paladin, LF N/H Guild, US-Thrall, Horde
386 MW Monk LF Raiding guild (Old MoP raider coming back)
[H] Illidan - 390+ blood dk tank lf serious raiding guild
[H] Rshaman/hpally lf raiding / m+ guild
383 Resto Shaman LF Mythic Raiding Guild
377 Havoc DH LFG
389 Feral/Guardian LF Mythic raiding guild
399 Fury Warrior LF Guild
403 Blood DK with 7/8M Experience, looking for a Mythic Raiding Guild
(H) 381 Prot Pally LF Guild!
373 Fury Warrior lf progression raiding
383 MW Monk/ Warrior/Ret/Spriest/Rogue LF Guild (H)
H US Shadow/Disc Priest LFG
393 5/9H Prot Pally LF Guild
389 Destro Lock LF CE Minded Guild
Ele/Resto Shaman (6/9N & 3/9H BFD XP) LF Progression Based Raiding Guild!
391 BM Hunter LF a Mythic raiding guild
[A] 381 BM hunter lf 7-10 est raid time pref 2 days a week
Warlock dps looking for late night guild
9/9H 389 boomy lf M guild
396 IL 1/9 M Balance druid LF mythic guild
381 Hunter LFG for Guild
(H) 389 Affliction Lock LF Fri/Sat Raid
384 4/9 heroic pug spriest/disc lf active raiding guild
AOTC 1st Week Boomkin LF CE Push Guild
393 BM hunter LF Horde Raiding Guild
Returning Boomkin LF Guild
395 Resto Druid LF raiding guild 9pm CST or later
Former HC Raider LF Progression Guild (Can play multiple classes)
Ilvl 380 Hunter LF Semi-Hardcore Guild
388 Feral LF Mythic Guild
(H) 375 Aff/Destro lock LF 2 raid day week guild
[H] Looking for mythic orientated guild
Monk (heal or dps) LF guild
Horde only- Rogue,Returning player aotc mythic exp looking for mythic guild
384 Boomy Looking for Guild
385 boomy/resto lf guild/raid
393 Feral 5/9H 5/9N LF Mythic Guild
[H][Area-52] Duo LF Raiding Guild
381 Fury Warrior LF Fri/Sat raiding guild
392 Havoc DH LF Mythic Raiding guild
9/9H, 6/8 M Uld [H]Enhance Shaman lf Guild
[H] 384 BM Hunter and 375 Boomkin LF Guild for BFD and beyond
[A] [US] [Ysera] 386 Frost Mage looking for mythic plus and raiding guild
Boomkin LF for Heroic/Mythic raid progression team
[H] 394 - 7/8M Uldir, 7/9 H Mage LF Guild
379 Boomkin LF mythic guild
Warlock reroll LF Prog Guild
391 mage 7/8M and 6/9H LF EST based M raid guild
Ele Sham LF Mythic progression
380 BM Hunter LF Raiding Guild
375 Boomkin LF HC/Semi HC guild on horde
380 Frostmage LF mythic guild
421 Hunter 6/8H LF Mythic raiding guild!
5/8M 386 Mage LFG for BoD M Prog
[A] 434 BM Hunter LF Saturday and Sunday group
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Still looking for anyone! Fill out our app!


Still in search of capable healers/dps, just fill out the app

(Pluu) #6

Need only Healers (Resto Shaman) & DPS for 1/25 BoD raid!


Still room for one more healer (Resto Shaman preferred)

(Pluu) #8

Only need DPS for BoD on 1/25!


Healers are still welcome but we are mainly looking for a shamen, also
more dps to fill out the roster.

(Pluu) #10

Need Healer (pref Resto Shaman) and DPS! Pref Warlock, DH, Boomkin. Fill out our app!



(Pluu) #12

Just need RDPS, no room for melee! (Pref. Lock, Boomkin)
Need healer as well! (Disc Priest/MW)


Holy Priest or is Disc preferred?

(Pluu) #14

Disc is preferred since we have a Holy priest :slight_smile:


Need RDPS & Heals! Disc/MW preferred.

(Pluu) #16

Only need RDPS. Accepting any, but prefer Warlock or Boomkin!


We just cleared 4/9H on our first Heroic day!
Still looking for RDPS!

(Pluu) #18

Need more RDPS! Will take any class, but prefer Warlock & Boomkin.


Still looking for more ranged dps to round out the roster!

(Pluu) #20

Looking for Flex Heals (5th healer willing to DPS when not needed) and all RDPS!


Still looking for more DPS and Heals!

(Pluu) #22

Looking for Tank & RDPS!