Ana – Ghillie Suit Passive

Can we give Ana a ghillie suit – a passive that simply lets her be invisible to enemies past a certain distance. Of course abilities like Widow Sight, Opportunist, Sonic Arrow and some such work as normal.

Firstly this would allow Ana to be a different kind of sniper than Widowmaker in her sniper’s nest. Secondly it’ll allow her to play at range – which at the moment she cannot. Lastly it turns her relationship with dive into a cat 'n mouse game – leaving her that much less susceptible to that meta overall.

Also, it does NOTHING to give her extra mobility – which is perfectly in keeping with her play style restrictions.

Thanks everyone.


Honestly, I wouldn’t mind something like this. It’s very interesting and could give ana the buff she needs to get back into the meta


Ghillie suit passive could just delete the red border w/o making her invis. Could also let her immune wall hacks from hanzo and widow.

Not that any of this would really do much to buff her viability. But it could be interesting


Assuming all shots land and are fired as fast as possible, for most squishies it takes about 2 seconds between someone noticing that they’ve been shot by something actually threatening and dying unless they get some really clutch healing. Less with a well timed nade. Full invis would be pretty broken, especially with the teleporter rework coming up soon.


Hey Blizz, if you do somehow like this recommend, can we also actually get a ghillie suit skin for Ana to go with it?


I don’t think they would do it. they have something against suggestions.


That would be epic😂

I love it, nice job.

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I absolutely waive all rights and claims to this idea and completely absolve Blizzard of all liabilities and obligations in using this idea to improve the Overwatch game. I make this choice of my own free will in the spirit of charity and good faith to my fellow community of Overwatch players and those that support them.

There! That should take care of that. :yum:


I actually love this idea.

New Passive: Ghillie Suit

  • While Ana is 10 meters away from enemies, she is rendered invisible. Using any of her ability or sniper rifle will break her invisibility. Ana must not use any of her ability for 4 seconds to enter Ghillie Suit mode.

Give it to widow instead :eye:

Honestly doesn’t solve any of her issues but would be cool.

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I’ll trade you that for your Grappling Hook. Fair trade. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Can’t trade something you don’t have, keep dreaming. :poop:

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This probably leads to Anas damage being needed again :frowning: it’s an interesting idea that would need some exteme fleshing our. But interesting nonetheless.

Welcome back to the meta Ana, I missed you

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Personally im ok with more stealth to help synergize with sombra play

and while were at it i got one for bastion alot of people agree he need. I could use a comment on what you think to rebump it if u do.

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we have dive-comp, bunker-comp, why not stealth-comp

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This sounds pretty interesting, but my gut feeling is that it’d be OP.
Imagine if McCree had no fall-off, a scope, and was invisible in the distance. I know it’s not the same but worth picturing.

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McCree doesn’t leave a contrail pointing back to where the shots are coming from.


Widow maker and hanzo would both counter stealth comp also people like zarya and winston who can spray an area to find hidden enemies. Sombra really needs some friends, alot of her problem is she off alone in a team focus game