Are Ana mains demanding more Buffs getting greedy?

It is not like she isn’t picked or anything. I see her being used a lot recently.

If her pickrate drops, sure - go buff her.

That’s as good as chopping down the tallest tree in the forest with a herring for all it’s worth.

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True. People have to try out any new buff. That’ll raise her use in the short term. A lot of us like Ana.

Ultimately time will tell what is or isn’t on Overbuff.

A lot of us think they applied the wrong buff here and that those buffs don’t solve her problems. It’s not the first nor will it be the last time this has happened in the game.

You have 3 minutes on Ana in Quick Play. 0 minutes on her in Comp.

And she’s hardly ever played and people still want you to switch off of her in Comp for a different healer. She’s still not in a good place IMO.


Lucio would like a word with you people.

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Considering the restrictions they gave us on buffing her I thought this idea as an example of something suitable. It changes for example her relationship to dive but doesn’t Overbuff her either.

Something like this is what I mean. It doesn’t have to be this but something that allows the hero to be put back in play and function just as well as any other support. That’s what we Ana mains want.

“Ana has moderate damage” lmao yeah moderate damage that can easily be outhealed and try 3 shotting a tracer please tell me how good that is.


Honestly, if ana’s buff was the original from back then, it wouldn’t break the game because the other character got their buffs. Back than, Ana was able to fight back and defend herself quite well.

Sometimes, I feel like Blizzard’s balance is base on the idea of the newer heroes that aren’t in the game yet to balance them out. But since those heroes are not in the game yet, they seem broken, hence the excessive nerf back than.


Yes, some Ana mains are. There have been some ridiculous suggestions for buffing her. Ghillie suits, Invis, etc. But the devs have not been generous with buffing her. She definitely could benefit from a tweak or two. Nothing absurdly out of place with her current kit.

HAhahaah hohhohoo ehehehe 15 months of being one of the most irrelevant hero in the game. Getting greedy.

Ana highest skilled support arguable overall in the game. Got so gutted by other support mains when good DPS player were dominating with her. Looking back on the old forums about Ana. Most of the people complaining are now Brig, Moria and Mercy players.

But hey lets keep buffing the brain dead heroes and making them hard nerf to high skilled ones.

"Protip: Ana is one (if not the best) hard counter to Pharah.

Why would you ask? The scope, her hitscan and the 0 damage fallof… An Ana with a good aim can take a Pharah/Mercy in the air with 3 quick shots at incredible range. So as you may notice, it’s harder fot mcree/soldier to keep a Phara on line than it is for Ana" -maxgamercod

“As a Pharah main, an attentive ana gives me far more issues than soldier or mccree.” -QUITE_GANGSTA_N

Ana has her strength and weakness for sake of balance. With the buff Ana can even duel decently as part of the team as well as heal.

Nano Boost
No longer increases move speed
Ultimate costs have been increased by 25%

Biotic Grenade
Effect duration has been reduced from 5 seconds to 4 seconds
Healing boost on allies has been decreased by 50%

Biotic Rifle
Damage Reduced from 80 to 60

Biotic Rifle
Damage Increased 60 - 70
Mag increased 10-14
Can shoot through Fully healed Allies

WHOA CALM DOWN NOW, TOO GREEDY AND OP. Dont want to make Mercy pickrate under 10%. Moria under 8% and Brig under 7%

oh yeah Ana winrate above 47%


I guess nobody learned their lesson from Sombra.

You mean Mercy rework, Moria release and Brig release???

At sombra actually has a skilled floor. You don’t know what you’re talking about, go play Ana in comp for a season then come back and have an actual opinion on the matter. Ana is the worst support in the game WITH THE HIGHEST SKILL. Make sense to me

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With a pharmercy in air you can’t kill her because mercy will put heal your damage and if you land three shots on mercy they have to be very close consecutively if not she’ll survive. Anas damage is really bad yeah she may not have fall off but her damage can be ignored and she has no headshots for a character that has to be pinpoint accurate like McCree to hit a shot


This aint season 2 anymore and Widow will forever be the best hardcounter??? She can headshot


If you want to shoot the messenger be my guest but it would pointless, just sharing the strength and weakness as well as upgrade. You can be flippant and pretend Ana can’t hard counter anybody if you like instead, in hopes to downplay and egg on more buffs.

Charming. Is there anything you would like to add to compilation of demands?

You made the thread and no evidence suggest she is even balance right now and currently will get buff to make her OP.

So, when get the actual facts thrown at you, you play defensive and back pedal. Perhaps you shouldn’t of start it in the first place when you didn’t have the grounds to defend your position.

It’s called blowback.


Strawman Fallacy. This is what I exactly said. Secondly I also added post to with the general consensus and more buff and demands for Ana.

That’s not an argument, because you dont even know what that means. If you did you wouldn’t of used it then. Again you listed zero facts all conjecture. Everything you said is 100% your opinion.

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