Ridiculous I say. Ridiculous

A lot of topics with the word ridiculous in them!


I know it’s getting ridiculous.


I have the word Ridiculous tattooed across my chest

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Norm was a genius on account of he was really funny.


This is just ridiculous. Ridiculous! Oh, did I say that it’s ridiculous?

PS (Tries to imitate the infamous Sylvanas moment [1]):

The forum is ridiculous! You are all ridiculous!

[1] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8NRLuUnpGYg&t=252s

This twist mode isnr even balanced. Its annoying.
Step 1: play dragon mage.
Step 2: thats it! Win in round 7 no matter what.
Dont bother play twist, it should be called mage twist.
Need proper nerfs asap

ridiculous is making fun of millions of players with one of the most colossal scams ever made in the videogame field, fake rng and random events manipulated by algorithms aimed at play2win, millions of active bots, all this is ridiculous

Ridoncalonk. A new word for you that hopefully helps this little problem of ours.

You can also use “Bullshanigans” if you feel the situation is nothing but bullshiz shinanigans.

I like “ridonkulous” and “ri-dick-ulous.”

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