Hearthstone Common Issues

Here are some of the commonly reported issues that can be resolved.

Unable to use specific cards in Adventure Missions
Certain card effects are disabled while in Adventure Missions. This is to prevent them from trivializing all of the encounters. Some examples include:

  • Mindbreaker
  • Sideshow Spelleater
  • Grizzled Wizard

Golden Cards are not animating on mobile?
After installing the Hearthstone app, mobile devices will need to download additional files which contains extra sounds and animations.

  1. Launch the Hearthstone app.
  2. In the upper right corner in the Settings button, let the asset download reach 100%.
  3. Restart the app.

Unable to claim a promotional reward?
During an in-game event, there can be free cards or packs awarded for free such as the Golden Witch’s Cauldron or the Golden Fireworks Tech cards. Check your quest log and complete any of the quest mentioned below:

  1. (New Players) Win 5 Practice Games, First Blood, The Duelist, and Master of All.
  2. (Returning Players) Return of the Hero, Ready for Action and Back in the Game!

Once you have completed the quests, it will put you into the holiday event. A restart may be required to get the reward to appear.

Unable to challenge a friend on mobile?
If you are unable to duel a friend from your friends list, you will need to wait until both players are on the same patch.

You can check your build version on your mobile device in the Settings > Options menu. On desktop, you can check it on your Battle.net Launch next to the Play button.

Won Arena but shows as a loss?
This is usually due to a disconnect while searching for a game or when you cancel your matchmaking. The game places you into a new match instead of reconnecting you into the old one. More details can be found here:

Did not get Arena rewards?
When an Arena run is forced to retire due to special limited time events (like Wildfest, or the Blizzcon special arena cards), the rewards are put directly into your collection when the run is retired. The opening of the chest is a purely visual thing.

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