How many characters can we create in Classic?

The point was to illustrate that separate drop-down-accounts are handled in a distinct fashion by the game client, and in account management.

If Classic servers are just servers under your account, but not a separate account, sure. If they’re separate accounts then it would require them to actually link those accounts to make the character limit spread out like that.

It’s interesting because it’s made to be free with a regular subscription to modern. We don’t have another WoW game or version to compare to. Trial accounts can make 50 characters (but can’t level past 20), and cost nothing, though. That’s not even temporary storage, as I’ve had starter accounts on my account for years before.

Ultimately the real reason we’re using drop down menus and accounts as an argument is because, unless classic is just a server type and not a separate account, it’s going to be more distinct than just server type. It’s going to have distinct and severe limitations/alterations to the point that it’s not interchangeable with the other accounts.


Alright, I’m convinced you’ve made a fair point. It depends on how they will provide access to the realms. I guess I always thought of it as just another realm but if they segregate it as you describe then 50 more toons makes as much sense as a trial account.

I think they dedicate the resources to a trial account because they see it as a point of sale for potential players. By keeping characters available to be picked back up upon purchase, Blizzard leaves incentive for those people to buy the game. That said, the fact they give trial accounts 50 character slots seems grossly unnecessary

Blizzard has not stated how if the 50 character limitation per account will be shared or separate.

My guess is that it would be separate.

No. That fee provides access to characters up to the max level permitted by the expansion owned (110=base, 120=BfA). Not paying the fee still allows access to the account and Blizzard’s servers, up to 50 characters, but prevents any character over level 20 from being played.

I think it is a good example of how they plan to make things work because of the way it was set up.

I paid for the Virtual Ticket via the Battle.Net account, not picking a singular WOW account. If the Demo was just a temporary access account, it would have only needed to be a single Demo account associated with the Battle.Net. (Which actually is how the PTR shows up - just a single special account.)

Instead, as I say above, I have 3 WOW Retail accounts, and Blizzard automatically created 3 WOW Classic Demo accounts using the same names. (Two of my accounts have names I made up, because they predate Battle.Net, so it was really obvious.) Why make three, when the Demo was associated with the Battle.Net account, not a WOW account?

I suspect it’s just because a trial account is just a modified full account. Perhaps the character limit is more deeply coded than we know, and it would be more tedious to adjust it than to leave it as is.

Honestly the thing that would make the most sense to me is that they either compress inactive account data to save space, or the account data isn’t really “that” big of a deal anyway. At a peak of 12 million accounts, but a total created accounts in the 100 million plus range, if the storage space was really that bad we’d be seeing some issues from that.

My guess? It’s just not a big enough deal to do anything about. Particularly given the fact that Vanilla will have basically half of the storage space they do now. Most players will end up with 16 slot bags for the most part, compared to our 30 slot bags. No reagent bank, no transmog, collections, etc.

Character storage space will be pretty lean in Classic vs Modern.

In WoW Classic, you’ll have the following character limits per WoW account:

  • A maximum of 10 characters per WoW Classic realm
  • A maximum of 50 characters across all of the WoW Classic realms in your region
  • Only one faction per realm on PvP realms
  • No overlap or regard with the character limits in Battle for Azeroth

You’ll be able to have up to 50 Battle for Azeroth characters and up to 50 WoW Classic characters at the same time.


News! Kinda… not really.


Hopefully this won’t be the only blue post we get about Classic this week.


This is the most perfect option available. Thanks, Kaivax!


Someone out there somewhere is screaming because they can’t have 50 characters on one realm with faction overlap with a million character slots total for classic.

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Thank you, and very good of you to tease us before the “real” news is announced tomorrow.

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You’d be surprised, there’s been a few threads about this for some reason.


Well you just have to think for yourself tbh. There’s people who post everyday who think new models, transmog, and tokens are still on the table.


Could we get a real update at some point?


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